Move over shelf elf, “Krampus in the Corner” is coming

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Krampus, the anti-Santa Claus “monster” of Christmas, has certainly been getting a lot of attention lately.  In addition to annual Krampus parades around the globe, last holiday season saw holiday horror in the theaters with Legendary Pictures’ dark comedy Krampus. Universal is also featuring a Krampus haunt at both its California and Florida parks as part of this year’s Halloween Horror Nights (see a preview here)

Enter Justin and Lindsay Cristelli, husband and wife authors/illustrators of Krampus in the Corner.  Their parody of the popular Elf on the Shelf book and doll is due to be released on the world this December.  Their project is listed on Kickstarter and has already exceeded its goal tenfold.  The overwhelming success of the Kickstarter effort exceeded expectations to the point that rewards for Christmas delivery had to be capped.  Not to worry, the book and handmade Krampus doll will still be available (along with custom holiday cards and buttons) as donor rewards.

A creepy parody of Elf on the Shelf, Krampus in the Corner is sure to amuse horror fans and those who love dark, subversive humor.

The book:

Written by Justin and illustrated by Lindsay, Krampus in the Corner is a 32 page, 11 by 8.5 inch picture book told from Krampus’s point of view. Unlike the Elf, Krampus does not speak in rhyme. Read along as he tells what horrors await you if you misbehave! Featuring 16 full-color, painted illustrations.

Warning: This book is not intended for young children. It is a horror parody featuring scary situations and mild gore.Kickstarter page

Krampus doll1

Krampus Doll2

Krampus in the Corner cover


Source: Krampus in the Corner Kickstarter Page
(where you can add your support and get a copy of the book and this delightfully dark doll)

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