Fav 5 Spooky Sounds – Macabre Music for a Happy Haunt

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No Halloween party or home haunt is complete without the right music.  Sure there are the staples like The Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, Godzilla, etc.  However what I find that really puts the “ooh” in the BOO! is something more original or thematic.  Hence, here are my haunted must haves for Halloween:


Number 5: Hipster Halloween
1930’s Hipster Halloween – this eclectic creepy collection contains vintage Halloween tunes featuring the likes of Lois Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Betty Grable, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Artie Shaw and many more. The nostalgic notes in this album work well with a classic Halloween theme and “old school” décor (Witches flying across the moon, scarecrows, black cats and Jack-O-Lanterns come to mind). The 40 song CD is available on Amazon for download.


Number 4: Halloween Cocktial party (2)
Halloween Cocktail Party –Janice Hagan and Kenny Vehkavaara put a lounge spin on the classic Halloween tunes like Evil Ways, I Put a Spell on You, Welcome to My Nightmare and, yes, even Monster Mash. The smoky vocals of Hagan lend a nice ambiance for a relaxed costume party or can set a romantic tone for post trick-or-treating fun after the kids go to bed. Originally titled “Halloween Cocktail Party”, Amazon has renamed it simply as “Halloween Party” and this, too is available in MP3 downloads (which includes a bonus “spooky sounds” track).


Number 3: Something Wicked
Something Wicked– The Moon-Rays have been combining surf rock sounds with Halloween elements for several years. Their most recent release pays homage to the classic monsters. On the cover, Central Florida haunt fans may recognize infamous undertaker Archibald Ashdown and his funeral parlor (Legend’s a Haunting at Old Town).  The CD blends creepy cool music with classic Halloween themes which would work great for home haunts and Halloween parties. Find Something Wicked on Amazon here.


Number 2:Music for your Nightmare
Music for Your Nightmare – this fast paced and deeply dark collection of terrorizing tunes was one of the first in the vast collection of macabre music that infests my library. Energetic and eerie, this series of scary songs is perfect creating a boo-tiful home haunt or as bone crushing background tunes to greet trick or treaters. Find it here.


Number 1:Monsters of Legend
Monsters of Legend – Midnight Syndicate has to be my all-time ANY music favorite. Their distinctive sound has enhanced hundreds of haunts (including Halloween Horror Nights). It was difficult to choose which of their many releases to include in this list.  Two of albums are collaborations with Destini Beard – they create a perfectly ethereal blend of Syndicate’s haunting scores with the addition of Beard’s angelic voice (worth looking up and listening to).  However, my love for Universal Classic Horror movies makes Monsters of Legend the top terror tune collection for this list.  Expertly incorporating sound effects of the environment tied to each surreal song, Midnight Syndicate skillfully carries the listener along on a harrowing haunted journey through Universal’s monster menagerie.  This (and several other Midnight Syndicate masterpieces) are available on Amazon for download or as a CD – Click Here.

While I’ll quickly agree that this is not the epithet on the tombstone for terror tunes, these Favorite Five albums will make most monster mashes a hauntingly fun hit.

What special songs are a must haunt for your spooky soiree?  Add your voice to the comments below.

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