Catharsis immersive haunted house announced for Orlando, promises 30 minutes of unique Halloween thrills

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Who the heck is Selena Blackwood?

After a strange series of cryptic and foreboding text messages both to myself and many members of the entertainment media world, a press release dropped revealing an experience called Catharsis: a new 30-minute immersive haunted house experience“. Blackwood seems to be behind it all.


Not much is known about this experience, which promises to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But we do have some helpful links that seemed to shed a little more light on the situation at hand. The first, being the website for Catharsis, and the other being a link to the Deadly Sins Bar and Lounge (they had me at “sins”…and “bar”).


The cheery email concludes with one last dark message for all those who maybe interested in exploring further:

“careful – you’re just one sinful step away from losing your soul. catharsis is inevitable.”

What lies in wait within Catharsis? What sins will come to light at the Deadly Sins Bar and Lounge? I’ll have more for you all as this develops, but it goes without saying that this Halloween season just got a lot more interesting.

Editor’s Note: Inside the Magic’s Editor-in-Chief Ricky Brigante is on the creative team behind Catharsis. But Adam was sent the press release and his reactions are entirely his own.

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