VIDEO: This amazing Transformers fan film brings old school Autobots to the modern day

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There are a large group of fans that wish Michael Bay’s Transformers movies were a heckuva lot closer to the original animated series (and film).

Well Lior Mocho and the crew at Chisel Pixel have created the live-action Transformers fan film that doesn’t necessarily scratch the itch, but gives an incredibly impressive look at what a more campy, cartoon-oriented version of Transformers would look like in live-action. With the use of special effects and stop motion, as well as some very impressive miniatures and costumes, this group has made the ultimate Transformers fan film.

Check the whole thing out below:

Sure, the robots are a little squat and the voice acting can be a little less cringy, but what’s there really is entertaining from beginning to end. Which is more than I can say for most of Michael Bay’s Transformers efforts.

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