First release from new Midnight Syndicate “Zombies!!!” board game soundtrack invades YouTube

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It would not be Halloween without the deliciously dark sounds of Gavin Goska and Ed Douglas, better known as Midnight Syndicate.  The duo’s latest release, ZOMBIES!!!, is a tie in with Twilight Creatons game of the same name.

Slight Miscalculation is the name of one of the playing cards in the ZOMBIES!!! game AND the title of this first release:

Halloween and instrumental horror music composers Midnight Syndicate with “Slight Miscalculation” from their new “Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack” arriving September 8, 2016. The new zombie-themed album features “pulse pounding music and sounds from the zombie apocalypse designed to take your undead gaming experience, haunted attraction, or Halloween event to the next level!” –Midnight Syndicate

Zombies cover

Words cannot express how excited I am to have Midnight Syndicate doing a soundtrack for Zombies!!!,” said Twilight Creations co-founder Kerry Breitenstein. “For many of our players, Midnight Syndicate has already been the unofficial soundtrack to their gaming sessions over the years. To have them working with us to create something specifically for our universe is incredible. -Twilight Creationszombies_se_01 (1)

If this first track from the new CD is any hint, fans are in for a darker tone. Evoking a feeling of dread and despair, we can almost see the massive zombie horde gathering and then closing in. The first cut of ZOMBIES!!! definitely calls out to both the undead and the living, amping the anticipation for this new album.

Pre-Orders for ZOMBIES!!! went live (or undead?) when the video was unleashed.  The new release stumbles from the graves on September 8th (with pre-orders shipping on September 2nd).  Click here for ordering info.

Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate in Midnight Syndicate Live! Legacy of Shadows at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends 2014
Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate in Midnight Syndicate Live! Legacy of Shadows at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends 2014

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more on Twilight Creations and their ZOMBIES!!! Board Game along with a discussion with Midnight Syndicate about their new title and upcoming haunt season.

Source/Images- Midnight Syndicate and Twilight Creations websites; YouTube

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