VIDEO: Dongpo Kitchen casual Chinese dining restaurant opens on CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood

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It’s been a banner year for Universal Studios Hollywood. With the grand openings of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and The Walking Dead Attraction, the park has put itself back on the map of must-see attractions for anyone visiting Los Angeles.

That growth is continuing, with new restaurants and shops opening regularly at Universal CityWalk just outside the park gates. This week Dongpo Kitchen – A Taste of China debuts in the area, offering “authentic Sichuan cuisine” from renowned chef Mr. Wang.

The restaurant is a somewhat more casual offshoot of celebrated fine-dining establishment Meizhou Dongpo, which “won the prestigious honor of catering the Beijing Olympic Games for thousands of athletes from across the globe” in 2008. Some key dishes at Dongpo Kitchen include Roast Duck Sliders, Meizhou Pork Buns, and the ever-classic Kung Pao Chicken.



Dongpo Kitchen opens at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles on Monday, August 8th.

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