VIDEO: “Star Wars Detours” – the animated comedy that fans have missed out on

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A not so long time ago (2012), in a press release not that far away, just prior to the sale of Lucasflim to the Walt Disney Company, an animated comedy project partnership between George Lucas and the creators of Robot Chicken (Seth Green and Matthew Senreich) was announced.  Set in the time between the prequels (Revenge of the Sith) and the classic films (A New Hope), 39 episodes were completed (with another 62 scripted).

This brilliant comedy lampooned the Star Wars universe in style similar to the Robot Chicken spoofs that Green and Senreich were known for.  Voice talent included Seth Green, Dee Bradley Baker (Phineas and Ferb, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Anthony Daniels, Ahmed Best (Star Wars: the Clone Wars), Billy Dee Williams and Seth MacFarlane. The first season was created by George Lucas, written by Brendan Hay and directed by Todd Grimes.  Michael A Levine composed a score based on John Williams’ music for the films.





Star Wars Detours was an officially produced show that was shelved after Lucasfilm’s acquisition. 39 episodes are complete, but have never seen the light of day. This is the only available footage compiled into one single video. ENJOY!  – Honor the Force

Although the entire first season of almost 40 episodes has been completed, the series seems to be shelved indefinitely.  The only public footage is a series of trailers for the series.  Groups like Honor the Force, on Facebook, are hoping to push the trailers in hopes of generating enough interest to entice Disney to release the series in some form (online, DVD, on air – Netflix are you reading this?).  We hope they succeed as the farce is strong with series!

For now we’ll have to be content with the content of these hilarious trailers.

Source: Wikipedia, Honor the Force 

in Entertainment, Movies & TV, Star Wars, Television

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