Soup’s on! “Nightmare Soup” a frightful book to spook the whole family

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In the spooky spirt of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Goosebumps, Nightmare Soup: Tales That Will Turn Your Stomach delivers the shivers with gore galore and delightfully dreadful drawings.  Ghoulishly geared toward creeping out both adults and children, this disturbing dark tome is an all-new collection of 30 short horror stories.  Each of the tales crafted by author Jake Tri is masterfully matched by the unnerving art work of Andy Sciazko.

The intense images and gory themes are described on the project’s Kickstarter page (which has been fully funded):

“Teeth” – Kids can be sensitive sometimes, so when Sarah heard she was being made fun of because of her teeth, she decided to reveal a little secret she had been keeping.


“Blard’s Burgers”- The newest burger joint in town has quickly made a name for itself, cooking up the most delicious burgers you could ever eat. But there’s a special ingredient they don’t want you to know about… 


Pre-orders of Nightmare Soup: Tales That Will Turn Your Stomach can be bravely bought via the book’s Kickstarter page.  For more eerie images, be sure to take a peek at their Facebook page. . .

Full Moon Guests

Bloody Mary

Images and source Nightmare Soup Kickstarter page and Facebook page

Nightmare Soup

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