PHOTO: A giant Pikachu statue has been illegally erected in a New Orleans park

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Love it or hate it, Pokemon Go is pretty much everywhere. People all over the world have been coming down with a bad case of Poke-fever, and it doesn’t look like the crazy is going away any time soon. Personally, I think that’s pretty fantastic.

But you’re not a truly devoted fan until you’ve crafted a giant fiberglass statue of a Pikachu and erected it illegally in a New Orleans park. Because that’s exactly what happened the other day.

What a time to be alive. #pokemonument #pikachu #coliseumpark #gardendistrict #followyournola

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What I kind-of love the most about it is how whomever created the statue made it look like it has been worn down over the years, like a classic monument in the middle of a bustling town square.

How long will the statue be up for the world to see? Nobody knows, but I’m hoping the local powers-that-be have a sense of humor and will leave the little bugger up. But for real: who knew New Orleans was such a Pokemon hot spot?

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Edit: We just got some new information from “#Pokemonument Guerilla Artists” on the Pikachu statue. So here are some fun facts:

  • The group responsible for the statue are keeping pretty secret, the are only going by the name of the tag #Pokemonument.
  • It took 7 people to heft the statue and it breaks down into 2 pieces but at the time of placement it’s one piece to insure a quick stealthy drop under the cover of darkness.
  • The base is made of coated two by fours, and the body is made of loose chicken wire throughout coated in a mixture of fiberglass and cobalt repeatedly layered to give it that smooth, aged bronze finish.
  • The process took a total of 7 weeks to complete.
  • Bonus: the secret guerilla artists, are saying they are TEAM MYSTIC.

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