‘Paint the Night’ parade will have its final performance September 5 at Disneyland

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Today, Disneyland has announced a lot of ending dates for their special Disneyland Diamond Celebration entertainment and we now got confirmation from the @DisneylandToday Twitter account that ‘Paint the Night’ parade will also have its final performance on September 5th.

The parade is joining ‘World of Color Celebrate!’ and ‘Disneyland Forever” fireworks in having its final performance on this day. No information has been given on what will replace the parade or if it will return. Some rumors have been circulating that the ‘Paint the Night’ parade will be showing up at Walt Disney World, but as with all rumors take that with a grain of salt.

Watch Paint the Night parade


  1. Lourdes Marron

    Doing away with Paint the Night is NOT a good move at all! It is a very beautiful parade to experience and I can’t imagine why Disneyland would do away wiht after only 1 year and 4 months!

    1. EricJ

      Um, because it was designed for the 60th Anniversary, like the newer World of Color show?

      1. Greg

        It was really “designed” for the 60th, when it debuted in Hong Kong several months before the 60th celebration began.

  2. Chrissy

    Why such a short run? WDW would have this and The Electrical Parade?!? I am only ok with this if the Electrical parade comes back.

    1. Joanna

      If we (WDW) got Paint the Night, we would NOT be keeping MSEP. We only still have it because Spectromagic died in the swap.

  3. Michael

    Paint the Night is a great show, unless WED had a better show coming up the change?

  4. Lauren

    Oh, that’s too bad. I like all of those shows. Paint the Night has such a fun theme song.

  5. Raven

    Save the “paint the night Parade” petitions.moveon.org/s/7eN15X sign it and let’s fight this thing!

    1. cristy

      It didn’t work for save Tower of Terror, sorry

    2. Wake up

      Do you really think those petitions work? Lol

      1. Liz

        They worked! Paint the night isn’t going away for good… only for a couple of months

  6. Matt Catlin

    Its like as before with DEP, It will turn into a seasonal run, Summer, and Winter Holidays. WDW will not receive this, since they let Spectro Magic die, and already ruined MSEP

    1. Willis Boshell

      Just because WDW let the Spectromagic parade die as you say and they did not ruin the MSEP, doesn’t mean they’re not going to get PTN.

  7. Ed

    The parade is indeed coming to Magic Kingdom in Florida. And in turn the Main Street Electrical Parade will be going to Disneyland. This is in place to celebrate Magic Kingdoms 45th anniversary.

    1. Amy

      How do you know?

  8. cristy

    I am DONE with Disney!!! They are getting so tacky with their attractions….first Tower of Terror GONE, now this. Thank you, but I’ll be saving for a trip to Europe.

  9. Paul

    Paint will be back for the holidays on Nov. 18th. It’s now becoming a seasonal offering (just as Disney’s Electrical Parade was at DCA).. It only ran 7 days the first year due to the 60th.

    1. Rachael

      How did u find the info for the parade in November 18

  10. Tony

    I heard Paint the Night is going to Hong Kong.

    1. Greg

      Paint the Night actually debuted in Hong Kong several months before it debuted at Disneyland.

  11. Mike

    As long as PTN leaving means the Christmas parade returns to having a night time slot I’m all for it!!!! Not to mention the fact I’m happy as heck the Anniversary firework show is coming to an end so we can get our Christmas firework show back in November!!! The Anniversary was fine, but it’s time for it to end!!!

  12. Rachael

    My daughter is atustic and she loves and knows the songs and everything about the parade please don’t take away

  13. William Marshall

    This is straight B.S. You have to have one of them in Walt Disney World. I mean, C’mon man! It’s all about the kids, isn’t it?


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