Move over Pokemon GO – Night Terrors is here to take over your device

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Augmented reality is a relatively new concept in entertainment. This blending of the make believe with real surroundings has proven to be the future of fun as realized with the success of games like Pokemon GO.

What if you could “live” in a “real” horror movie?  Would you?  The creators of Night Terrors is hoping so with this over the top augmented reality app that’s due to go boo this October.  Novum Analytics has crafted a bone chilling experience that seemingly takes over the user’s mobile device; eerily tapping out phantom texts and using 3D sound tech that gives the illusion of sounds coming from another room.  Combined with moving paintings, fast moving phantoms and creepy creatures, the immersive adventure is the perfect paranormal product for haunt hungry horror fans.
Night Terrors 2
Manipulation is going to be an integral part of Night Terrors.. each step of the way the game will be playing with your mind.. your senses and questioning what’s real and what’s not. Are you ready? – Novum Analytics (as told to

Beta Testing:

Due to the intense horror elements contained within, the trailer below may not be suitable for young audiences (and contains a small amount of not safe for work language):

in Technology, What If

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