Move over Bruce, you’ve got competition: Swimming Shark Suit is the perfect prank

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We have to wonder if filming Jaws would have been an easier task for Steven Spielberg with this diver-controlled swimming shark around.

shark suit 1
shark suit 3

Created by prop-masters VFXLAB, whose work includes animatronics at Knott’s Berry Farm and movies like Dante’s Peak, this meandering menace was recently tested at a California hotel swimming pool.  It may not look that intimidating in the clear water of a swimming pool, but paired with a nighttime poolside showing of Jaws (a popular summer event has been to show the movie while viewers lounge in the water) and there could be an entirely different reaction.  Or, operated by a professional diver, this delightful device could be loads of fun at the local beach.

Would you get into a pool if you saw this beast making laps?  Let us know in the comments below.  In the meantime we’ll be looking for some handy Bat Shark Repellent.


Source: Gizmodo/YouTube

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