Interactive immersive horror invades Terror Behind the Walls with all-new experiences

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Already one of the nation’s top haunted Halloween attractions, Terror Behind the Walls at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia PA is set to ratchet up the fear with two new additions for the 2016 haunt season.  Set inside a Gothic structure that used to be an actual prison (once “home” to Al Capone), thrilling movie quality effects, animatronics and environments await those who brave the massive complex and its haunted halls.  Eastern State Penitentiary is believed to be haunted by the spirits of former inmates and prison guards, making it the perfect setting for this highly acclaimed Halloween event, now in its 25th year.

2016 Season of Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary from Terror Behind the Walls on Vimeo.

The former prison is open year-round for visitors as a museum, but every fall the decaying halls of the 1829 structure take a darker turn.  What started as a fundraiser for the venue in 1991 has grown into a world-class haunted event featuring multiple attractions and experiences.


For the 2016 season, which begins on September 16th, two new terrifying temptations have been added to the monstrous mix.  The first of which is a new haunt, Lock Down: The Uprising – “As visitors enter the looming façade of Cellblock 12, they’re confronted with a startling realization: the rioting inmates and panicked guards of seasons past have been taken over. Who – or what – is responsible for this annihilation? The creatures of Lock Down: The Uprising have risen to TBTW from the depths of the darkest universe. They are agile, ruthless, and hungry for flesh. They have no law, no chain of command, no concept of confinement. The challenge is simple: make it through Lock Down: The Uprising alive.” – Terror Behind the Walls.

A second newly themed haunt:  Quarantine: 4D, you learn of an infectious outbreak, whose symptoms include hallucinations, blurry vision, distorted depth perception, and other mind-altering effects. Flat walls appear to have depth, creatures emerge from (seemingly) nowhere, and some brave visitors will be challenged to face their worst fears.

Also, new for 2016, is the unique opportunity for an intensely immersive experience.  At the beginning of the six attractions at this year’s ghastly event will have a secret room for guests to bravely venture fourth giving them an opportunity to BE part of the haunt as they dive into the story and join forces with monsters within.  This “Hex Challenge” will be open to those desiring to delve deeper into the darkness for a more intense experience for an additional fee.  Those who opt in for true interactivity may be grabbed, held back, sent into hidden passageways, and even separated from their group. They will deal with the consequences of their decision through six long attractions. –Terror Behind the Walls.


Of note: the final two nights of the Halloween event (November 4th and 5th) are reserved for the very brave.  During “REMIX” the six mazes are set to operate with full cast and effects save one element – lights.  Guests must navigate the cellblocks with only a glow stick for illumination.


In total there are six different experiences within the walls of this abandoned, decaying prison:

Infirmary – a prison hospital and psych ward; Detritus – the decayed and overgrown original cellblocks; Break Out– new for this year; Machine Shop – where a malevolent evil lurks; Quarantine 4D – survive a virus outbreak and Lock Down.

Ticket prices range from $19 to $45 depending which night is selected.  Visitors are encouraged to buy online for better pricing.

TBW dates and prices

Full details can be found on the Terror behind the Walls page of the Eastern State Penitentiary’s website (which was the source for images, video and information).

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