First poster for “Transformers: The Last Knight” shows three-headed robot dragon…thing

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Come one, coma all! The first poster for Michael Bay’s newest entry to the robots-in-disguise franchise Transformers: The Last Knight is here and it’s — busy! That’s right, Optimus Prime is back, sword-in-hand to take on what appears to be a giant three-headed dragon monster. Is this big baddie better suited for a Godzilla movie? Who the heck knows, but we’ll find out when the movie hits theaters June 23, 2017.


If we’re going a little more organic with our Transformers creatures, I’m be amiss if I didn’t get on my hands/knees and beg for some live-action Beast Wars awesomeness. I mean hey, we got Dinobots in the last film Transformers: Age of Extinction, so I don’t think it would be too out of the question. Those colors are pretty though.

So what do you folks think? Ready to go on another epic battle for survival with the Autobots? Let me know in the comments below and stick with ITM for all things fun and awesome!