Fall flavors are just around the corner! Butterbeer anyone?

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The back to school supplies currently play place-holder for the pumpkin proliferation that’s soon to follow. Sweater weather and russet leaves will soon replace the annual humidity festival that has been this sweltering summer. Fall is about to descend! Aside from the obvious hootenanny that IS Halloween this means pumpkin spice and special seasonal flavors will provide the costumes for your favorite goodies.

pumpkin(image/source County Living)

First contenders of the season: Cheerios and Special K cereals bringing breakfast into the pumpkin spice take-over.  We will soon see special limited edition bagels, coffee creamer, cookies, English muffins, candy bars, coffees, candles, and yes, even cat litter (no joke).

cat litter

Perhaps the king of this pumpkin and fall flavor fest is that 75-year-old candy coated chocolate button treat designed to deter melting –M&Ms.  Each fall we’ve seen pumpkin spice, candy corn and even pecan pie flavor varieties of the candy materialize just in time for fall fun.  It’s the newest flavor that Mars & Mars is mixing for us this year which really has me excited . . . White Chocolate BOO-terscotch!


It’s almost as if the folks at the M&M factory decided to take a potions class or perhaps tagged along on one of those field trips to Hogsmeade. The white chocolate combined with hint of butterscotch is said to taste just like butterbeer. According to an article by Delish, the fall flavor is currently available at World of M&Ms and could be creeping onto store shelves any day now (the Candy Corn variant has already been seen in stores taunting chocolate lovers) – just in time for finding some fantastic beasts!

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