VIDEO: Star Wars area construction progressing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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It certainly isn’t happening at the speed of light, but it is happening. Parts of the Streets of America are being demolished to make way for Star Wars Land. The most notable change is that one of the large facades that bordered the Muppet courtyard is completely gone (though the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground is still standing).

Streets of America Demolition 4

Streets of America Demolition

Outside of that, you can see a couple piles of rubble built up beyond the walls like the one in the lower right-hand side of this photo.

Streets of America Demolition 2

In some places, the entire backsides of buildings are missing.

Streets of America Demolition 3

It is a bit messy, but we’ll put up with it while we wait for that galaxy far, far away to come a little closer.


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