Construction Update: New Muppets restaurant, Pizzerizzo, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Star Wars Land might be a big deal, but the Muppet area of Hollywood Studios certainly does not stand in its shadow. Construction continues to be underway in what was once Pizza Planet as it transforms into Pizzerizzo, an Italian restaurant of sorts that is run by Rizzo the Rat. Sounds appetizing!

Muppet Courtyard Construction 3

Construction walls still surround the building. In typical Muppet fashion, though, they inspire a few chuckles.

Muppet Courtyard Construction 4

Muppet Courtyard Construction 6

A more exciting feature are a few would-be windows where it looks as if viewing of the work will be possible in the future.

Muppet Courtyard Construction 5

The sign for Pizzerizzo has just been put up, and this has caused the most buzz in the area as we get our first look at some distinctive theming for the place.

Muppet Courtyard Construction 7

On the far side of the same building, something advertised as Gonzo’s Royal Flush has been erected.

Muppet Courtyard Construction

Muppet Courtyard Construction 2

Seeing as this was the location of restrooms previously, it would appear as if those restrooms will remain but stand with a bit more flare once construction is through.



  1. Look too me like the “royale flush’ is just a fancy way of point out that a toilet is right here. Wouldent expect much else

  2. Otto

    What has this “theming” so do with the muppets?

    1. The Royal Flush theme is right out of “The Muppet” movie with Jason Segal. It even seems to look like the outside of that set.

  3. Sean

    Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. Super excited for this area turning into a more solid Muppets Courtyard with multiple Muppet themed venues in the “land”. With the new restaurant and themed restroom it increases its cohesiveness of Muppets theming.

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