A new FitBit-style MagicBand may be coming to Walt Disney World

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MagicBands are the tools that enhance every guest experience at Walt Disney World in different ways. The bands, which you receive when booking a resort stay or by purchasing, are your admission ticket, room key, FP+ holder and PhotoPass card all rolled into one. Resort guests can even use the band to pay for their purchases at the parks. MagicBands are also big business at Disney World as they have now become collectors’ items with different limited edition bands being released all the time. So it comes as no surprise that Disney would be working on evolving the MagicBand into something even more functional and operational friendly.

A new FitBit-style MagicBand may be coming to Walt Disney World according to the website magicbandcollectors.com. The site is the number one destination for finding new information on MagicBands and they unearthed some information about this new design thanks to some public records from the FCC.

The FCC records includes pictures of the prototype for the new MagicBand that features a puck-like disc that would fit into a changeable strap much like how the FitBit changeable straps work.


For reference, here is an example of how the FitBit straps work.

This new design would allow guests to keep the same puck and then just change to different type of straps when they would like to. One theory for changing to this kind of system is that the increasing amount of MagicBands that each guest connects to their MyMagic+ account is really slowing down the IT system and servers for Disney.

Of course, changing to a completely new system would open up the question to what would happen to all the current bands guests own?

As of now there is no word on when this new type of MagicBand will launch, or even if it ever will, but they are currently in testing. At least this shows that Walt Disney World has a lot of faith in their MagicBand product and that they continue to look into how to advance and evolve it to better fit both the needs of the guests and Disney.

in Disney, Technology, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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