VIDEO: This live-action “Futurama” fan trailer is pretty incredible

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I’ve always thought that, with the right team behind it, Futurama would make an awesome live-action movie. Maybe with the gusto of the 90’s live-action Flintstones movie, but with a little more vision.

Well, it looks like a group of fan filmmakers called Cinema Relics (and some spot-on makeup artists) have stepped up to the plate to offer us a glimpse inside what a potential Futurama film could actually look like. Bender is there in all his snarky glory, and special props to the Farnsworth makeup — just cartoony enough to be jarring, but just real enough to be fascinating. Wow.

Check it out below:

So how would you folks feel seeing the world of Futurama brought to life? Let me know in the comments below, and stick with Inside the Magic for all things fun and awesome!

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