VIDEO: Grand Admiral Thrawn joins “Star Wars Rebels” in new canon storyline!

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Oh my god — they made him canon. One of the biggest casualties when Disney pulled the plug on the Star Wars Expanded Universe books was Mitth’raw’nuruodo or “Thrawn” as was his core name. The character was arguably not only one of the greatest villains in the Star Wars universe, but a massive fan favorite for those who were daring enough to plow through the non-canon book trilogy by Timothy Zahn.

Well, it looks like animated television show Star Wars Rebels will actually see Thrawn as their new big villain, and it’s going to be fantastic to see him finally come to life through the new Star Wars universe! Let the speculation on what major role he plays in the canon begin!

SWR S3 Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb

Here are some neat quick-facts from iO9:

  1. He’s definitely referred to as “Grand Admiral.”
  2. There’s no mention of anything else from Heir to the Empire or the other two books of the trilogy, so don’t go think those novels have suddenly been added wholesale to the new canon.
  3. He’s being voiced by Lars Mikkelsen, brother of Rogue One star Mads.
  4. Timothy Zahn sent a video message giving his full approval.
  5. Zahn is writing a new Star Wars novel titled—wait for it—Thrawn, due 2017. So this is a huge deal!

Here’s the full Season 3 trailer for Star Wars Rebels:

So what to you think of Thrawn making his official debut?! Let me know what you think in the comments below and, as always, stick with Inside the Magic for all the latest and greatest Star Wars news!


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