PHOTOS: These artists turned some of your favorite Pokemon into total nightmare fuel

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J. R. Coffron and Stephen Oakley are some twisted mofos. No seriously, they just took some of the most recognizable Pokemon in the original 151 and turned them into H.R. Giger-esque nightmare fodder.

I mean, come on…would you cuddle with this Pikachu?


What if you ran into this Weezing in a dark alley?


Maybe you’re snorkeling and this Cloyster comes out of freaking nowhere:


How about a trek through a tropical forest? Nope! This Exeggutor will eat your face off:


Trying to tend to your garden? How about a Beedrill attack?!


Oh, and whats in that dark cave? A Nidoking ready to end your life. Kiss it all goodbye:


Whew! Good luck sleeping tonight! Want to see more? Check out J.R. Coffron’s Facebook page. For all things fun and awesome, stick with Inside the Magic!

in Artwork, Video Games

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