PHOTO: Father creates Dory maze for “Finding Nemo”-loving daughter

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Many kids are huge “Finding Nemo” fans but eight-year-old Ella Beare is lucky enough to have a father who understands her obsession. Her father Stuart Beare, who is a farmer at the Tulleys Maze Fun Park in Sussex, UK, decided to create a Dory maze in an eight-acre corn field at the park.


He tells the Oh My Disney website:

“My eight-year-old daughter Ella adores the Finding Nemo films, and when she heard the new Finding Dory film was due out this summer she begged me to design a maize maze as tribute. I just hope our visitors have a better memory for the way out than Dory or they may be in there all day!”

If you find yourself in Sussex from Saturday, July 23 to Sunday, September 4, make sure to stop by and check out the magical maize maze. For more information, head to the Tulleys Maze website.

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