Nearly a million people have already visited Disney’s newest park Shanghai Disneyland

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According to Disney chief executive Robert Iger nearly a million people have visited Disney’s newest park Shanghai Disneyland. That is quite an accomplishment as the park opened less than a month ago in mainland China.

During a Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colorado the Disney CEO talked about the current success they are having with the park: “It would be safe to assume almost a million people have experienced the park. We are introducing turkey legs to China. Which I thought was a mistake, but we are selling 3,000 a day.”


The Shanghai Disneyland visitors are also huge fans of the other treats in the park and are staying longer than expected each day.

Shanghai Disneyland is the sixth Disney Park in the world and the first in mainland China. Being respectful to cultural difference when building the parks was important according to Iger.”I very much wanted to avoid being called a cultural imperialist.” He also made a point about how long it took Disney to finish the Shanghai project, nearly 18 years.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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