A missed opportunity: American Horror Story house no longer on Airbnb

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The $3.2 million estate, featured in the first season of American Horror Story, was briefly available via Airbnb for a mere $1450 per night. Of course with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the 7588 square foot mansion rental could have be split among the closest of friends as there was room to accommodate 16 guests. Sadly ITM learned of this potential weekend retreat after the listing was removed from the Airbnb listings.  Sad indeed as this stately manor has quite the appeal:

front vertical
The picturesque estate has been featured in episodes of the X-Files, Twilight Zone, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was the centerpiece of the first season of American Horror Story on FX. Of course all of the house’s horrors are purely fictional, but fans of the show will definitely recognize parts of the three story mansion from the series.

The Los Angeles landmark was built in 1902 and retains many of its original features. This elegant estate, at 1120 Westchester Place, was built by architect Alfred F Rosenheim to be his home on “Billionaire Row”.  It features Italian brick work, a bowed/turreted staircase, several panels of Tiffany stained glass and a generous amount of mahogany wood detail throughout the house.

We’re, of course, quite curious to see what becomes of this infamous abode which is allegedly for rent. As the estate also includes a recording studio, ITM will gladly accept any offers to finance a relocation of our headquarters to the Rosenheim mansion. Learn more about the history of this elegant estate here.

master bedroom

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