VIDEO: This clip of baby Dory from Disney Pixar’s “Finding Dory” will melt your heart

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If there’s one thing Disney and Pixar are phenomenal at doing, it’s churning out the feels.

Check out this clip from Finding Dory that features a baby Dory learning how to communicate effectively with her classmates. Her parents are trying to help her cope and communicate her disability with clarity, but she keeps getting sidetracked by her short term memory loss.

This goes with what many are saying about the film in that it handles the concept of living with a disability very gently and beautifully. The movie is currently receiving rave reviews, and seems to be almost as well received as its predecessor, Finding Nemo.

Check out the clip below — and have a tissue handy:


Finding Dory is in theaters now. For all things “big blue world”, stick with Inside the Magic!


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    In the original movie, it’s not supposed to be a “disability” (and “Discovering the freedom and self-acceptance to be different, etc., etc.”), the comic premise was that…fish DO have rather infamously short memories.
    Goldfish in particular, but blue tangs as well.

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    Jeremy S

    This is actually rather cute. Hey, Adam, when are you going to come back out to Anaheim again?

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