“The Sims 4” embraces equality by removing gender boundaries completely

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The Sims game series has always been a beacon of exploration, discovery, and freedom in the video game universe — but they’ve always seemed to lean toward a more “traditional family” style of simulation. All of that is about to change, and I’m stoked.

Today, the Associated Press reports that Maxis is releasing a new Sims 4 update that will officially remove gender boundaries from character creation. Players can now change Sims’ genders whenever they want, and they can designate which Sims are capable of reproducing. Sims will also be able to have any physique, voice, and attire regardless of their gender.

The series has been in support of same-sex romances since The Sims 3, but never have they embraced trans, non-binary, and other gender identifications. It goes without saying that this is a huge step forward for the franchise, and a telling sign of where we stand as a culture. I love it.

So what do you think of this new update to the series? Let me know in the comments below and as always, stick with Inside the Magic for everything fun and awesome!

Author’s note: I’d like to make something very clear to our readers (who we love very very much): We at Inside the Magic are firm advocates of equal rights and will not tolerate hate speech. Please be respectful of each other.


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    Does “What the heck does this personal editorial/gamer-geek news even remotely have to do with Disney or Universal?” count as hate speech?

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      Adam McCabe

      Inside the Magic covers a wide variety of entertainment, and we are not limited to Disney or Universal. Thanks for reading!

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    You can already guess why we talk about Star Wars, Marvel or the Infinity games in addition to the parks–
    As for “Guys, guess what movie/game/comics news I just heard!” there are already plenty of blogs for that, which you probably got the news from to begin with.
    And as for personal soapboxing, even the “Elsa should be a lesbian, so we’re a more tolerant society!” debate was Disney-related content.

    In fact, not to point fingers, but do a running survey of non-Disney/Universal/Sea World related posts in the past few months, and you begin to see a trend in the data…

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    I need to keep my peas and carrots from touching too.

    This is really cool and exciting news. I haven’t played The Sims in years, but I know a lot of people are going to be ecstatic about this.

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    You can now be assured that if you are looking for entertainment news related to the LGBT world, ITM is now your go to source!
    Remember when it was just news about the theme parks that you actually cared about? And there were podcasts? I can barely remember, and I have been following since the beginning.

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      They say nothing kills a website faster than losing its compass, and nothing kills a compass faster than the guy who stomps on it–Take off the boots, Adam.

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    How does one get this update if they already own the sims 4? Is it going to be sold as an expansion pack or will it be a free update?

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      It’s an automatic update when you boot it up! Comes in through Origin.

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    I honestly think this is not only awesome, I think that everyone who is hating on this is looking through a very narrow window.

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    So this was a great thing to us.

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