The City of Wine, a French “theme park” dedicated to the nectar of the vine

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Everyone knows that alcohol is not served at Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom as the adult beverage didn’t fit in with Walt Disney’s vision of a family theme park.  The creators of France’s Wine-centric theme park, however, have just the opposite opinion.  Wine should be (and is) the centerpiece of their attraction.  La Cite’ du Vin is essentially more museum than theme park; offering a thorough walkthrough of the world of wine.

The first thing visitors notice is the amazing architecture. Situated on the Garonne River in the Bordeaux region of France, the stunning 10-story champagne-shaded structure is designed to resemble a cross between the twisted grape vine and the swirl of the fine wine. Once inside, guests can experience wine and wine culture from around the globe in a simulated world traveling boat ride; enjoy a glass of one of over 500 wines from around the world on the 7th floor Le 7 panoramic restaurant, which features seasonal regional produce, and a birds eye view of Bordeaux. Guests can also shop at the La Cite’ boutique, featuring books and souvenirs related to all aspects of wine, or book a local wine tour.

Admission is around $20 and also includes workshops, special events in the Thomas Jefferson auditorium, two temporary exhibits (featuring various cultural and artistic themes), and the centerpiece of the venue, the permanent tour “The heart of La Cité du Vin”, which invites you on a journey through time and space to discover wine and its heritage, civilizational and cultural dimensions.


The experience at La Cite’ du Vin promises something for both the novice curious about wine and the expert vino enthusiast for a cultural diversion that can last for a few hours or the whole day.

Story source, images and video: City of Wine website and Facebook page

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