PHOTOS: Versus – Battle of the Fandoms, THE unofficial MegaCon after party

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Moshi-Moshi Productions, known for their over the top and extremely popular convention parties, once again struck gold with their Versus – Battle of the Fandoms party held Saturday May 28th.  Under the umbrella of classic video game style match-ups, the 7-hour, 21 & up party transformed Club 39 and the adjacent pool area of the Rosen Plaza hotel into a mega-mecca of pop-culture characters as MegaCon 2016 drew huge crowds to the area.

party map

The event, which drew hundreds of costumed guests, packed the night club and spilled out into the pool deck – which was had its own DJ and a giant tent for the event sponsors to show off.  Themed munchies and adult beverages fueled heroes and villains as they partied the night away.

MEGACON -Versus-2

MEGACON -Versus-6

No Moshi-Moshi party is complete without exciting and eclectic entertainment exploding throughout the event. From club mixes by DJ Elliot, mermaids in the (heated) pool to exotic acts on stage in the night club, and even a surprise engagement – the night was filled with delicious distractions.

Video – YouTube upload by ForsakenZombie

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MEGACON -Versus-111

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MEGACON -Versus-91

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MEGACON -Versus-109

NOTICE: These images, while complying with Facebook and YouTube standards, may not be suitable for young viewers (this event was for guests 21 and up and the entertainment and was geared as such)

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