PHOTOS: London resident pulls off elaborate Disney-themed marriage proposal for his princess

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It’s not often you hear about such a wonderfully-imaginative marriage proposal as this one and we’re sure glad she said yes!

A London-based art director decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend by using a series of elaborately-created Disney-themed posters meant to signify important moments in their relationship. Then he took her to a fake Disney exhibition to actually pop the question! How could she say no after something like that?

“I work in advertising as an art director so coming up with ideas like this is ingrained in me,” Jason Shoffman, 31, told ABC News. “I chose the Disney posters because I thought it’s a great way to recreate something personal, but also make it recognizable. By that I mean, it ensured Simone could make the connection between the actual real life photo which she remembers and something she is passionate about — in this case Disney.”

When it was all said and done, it took about six weeks of planning and execution but we think it was well worth it. Have a look at the posters below.





“I just chose pictures which I considered to be milestone events,” said Shoffman. “The first date, first holiday, weddings, Christmas and New Year’s all the way through to buying our first home together. They are significant moments in our lives, so therefore immortalizing them on canvases makes sense.”

For the complete ABC News story, click here.

All images courtesy of Jason Shoffman.

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