PHOTOS: MegaCon 2016 – More mega masquerading with creative costumes from passionate fans

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As MegaCon upped its run to a four day event for 2016, fans embraced the opportunity to show off their passion for favorite fandom in creative costumes. The talent and devotion to superheroes, fantasy icons, science fiction figures and much more exploded across the massive Orange County Convention Center as thousands attended the pop-culture event, many in elaborate and imaginative outfits.

MEGACON - Costumes-23

MEGACON - Costumes-43

MEGACON - Costumes-101

MEGACON - Costumes-35

MEGACON - Costumes-57

MEGACON - Costumes-69

MEGACON - Costumes-81

MEGACON - Costumes-117

MEGACON - Costumes-128

MEGACON - Costumes-131

Gathered here for your perusal, is yet another installment of cosplay imagery.  The images do not fully represent the energy and excitement that charged the show floor as fans made their way about the weekend’s festivities.  Nor do these photos accurately display the countless hours of assembly and craftwork poured into these amazing creations.  Suffice to say that we were quite impressed with what we witnessed and think you will be too (full gallery at bottom of the page) . . .

MEGACON - Costumes-73

MEGACON - Costumes-147


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