PHOTOS: MegaCon 2016 – Fan Groups and Amazing Displays

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One of the most enjoyable parts of MegaCon (at least in the opinion of this writer) are the fan clubs and group displays. The talent and devotion to both amazing displays representing a myriad of various fandoms and the encouraging dedication to helping others (as most are non-profit, charity driven organizations).

In most cases a display or gathering of spot-on props and vehicles from any of the given groups is set up as a photo op with proceeds partially (or fully) going to a particular charity. Other groups are set up to draw membership (engaging in other charity work outside of the convention).

MegaCon 2016 did not disappoint – complete with returning giant Star Wars sets and creatures…

MEGACON -Community-12

MEGACON -Community-13

The Walking Dead encounter…

MEGACON -Community-4


MEGACON -Community-10

Vehicles (and characters) from Back to the Future

MEGACON -Community-3

The 1960’s Batman series.

MEGACON -Community-46

MEGACON -Community-40

MEGACON -Community-45

An ever growing Steampunk presence (featuring custom-made vehicles from Victorian Steam Works out of North Jacksonville).

MEGACON -Steampunk-36

MEGACON -Steampunk-28


. . .and one more note about MegaCon (and most other fan shows): You never know what you are going to find (and should keep an eye out for random acts of kindness):

MEGACON -Community-19


Enjoy the full album of encounters here:

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