Mark Ruffalo reveals new Hulk details for upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” film

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If you’ve been following any of the news regarding the God of Thunder’s next big outing, Thor: Ragnarok, you know that the Hulk will be making an appearance and (possibly) playing a major role in the action! Now, Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk) has revealed some new information on his involvement in the surefire smash-hit:

“I haven’t started filming, but I’ve been prepping for it and I’m really excited about it. I think we’re going to do some really cool stuff,” Ruffalo told E!. “We’re going to see some new stuff with the Hulk. We’re going to see some new stuff with [Bruce] Banner. We’re definitely going to see some new stuff for poor old Thor.”

Rumor has it, the role is set to include elements of the Planet Hulk arc from the pages of Marvel comics, so I can’t wait to see the big green guy get a little more screen time in a major way.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for a November 3, 2017 release. In the meantime, what do you folks want to see out of the Hulk in the new movie? What if he rampaged in Asgard? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Jack Strawb

    Eminently sensible for Marvel to combine the two superheroes having the weakest films.

    I don’t doubt Planet Hulk would have made a nifty standalone Hulk film, but if Marvel was reluctant to take a third try w/ Hulk then folding that into a Thor film beefs up the Thor franchise.

    Have to say, Marvel struck gold with Downey, Hemsworth, Johannsen, and Evans. i’ll be interested to see how the studio handles phasing out these actors, but the actors playing Winter Soldier and the Falcon have not impressed.

    Still, how has won over the last decade better against Marvel?

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