Case workers dress as Disney Princesses in court to support girl’s adoption hearing

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After a week of so many tragic news it’s always great to see heartwarming stories like these, especially when they have an added Disney touch.

Lucky little girl Danielle Koning from Grand Rapids, Michigan had an important court date to show up for last week. It would be the final court hearing for her foster parents, Sarah and Jim Koning,  to adopt Danielle and another little girl. Courtrooms are never a fun place, especially for a 5-year-old, so to make the day extra special for Danielle, her foster care workers came up with the idea to dress everybody as characters from Disney Princess movies.

Imagine Danielle’s surprise when she walked into the courtroom to see it full of Disney Princesses — even the judge got involved!

Executive director for Samaritas Foster Care Program, Laura Mitchell, told ABC News: “It’s obviously a very meaningful day. The hearing is definitely a celebration that the kids now have forever families. And it shows the love and compassion that our case workers have.”




  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and it is really classy of them to make such an important day in that girl’s life even more exciting. Why should courts feel so oppressing during such happy proceedings as an adoption finalization? We might as well liven the atmosphere for the sake of those kids who might not even understand everything that is happening. To those that participated, “bravo!” and to that new family, “congrats!”

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