VIDEOS: Opening night of “Captain America: Civil War” brings Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) and Chris Hardwick to El Capitan Theatre

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The day is upon us. The long-awaited release date of “Captain America: Civil War,” the latest entry in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe, has finally arrived.

On opening night, , wrapping up with the debut of “Civil War” as the evening’s climax. Comedian and TV personality Chris Hardwick was on hand as emcee, and to the crowd’s great surprise and delight he welcomed to the stage the Winter Soldier himself: Sebastian Stan.


Prior to that, Hardwick also played exclusively-recorded intro clips from directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as “Captain America” star Chris Evans, who unfortunately could not be in attendance.


The El Capitan is home to a unique display space in its basement, which currently houses an exhibit featuring costumes and props from “Captain America: Civil War,” as well as earlier movies in the series.


“Captain America: Civil War” is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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