VIDEO: Watch the cast of “Captain America: Civil War” sing in this super-weird promo

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It’s so cringy, but still so charming.

While Marvel’s newest full-length feature Captain America: Civil War is busy breaking box office records, a new promo has released featuring Chris Evans preaching Capt. America’s moral message of freedom. He is then surrounded by his castmates who are…singing. It’s all very strange, but I just couldn’t look away!

Check it out below:

Weird, right? Captain America: Civil War is now in theaters around the globe, and you can check out our raving review HERE. Have you seen yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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    What so “weird”? The “Humming Battle Hymn in the background” gag has been THE standard comic gag whenever someone makes a patriotic speech, for the last fifty years of movie/TV!
    (Although granted, most of it’s by Team Iron Man, as part of the ad campaign to each portray the OTHER team as the jerks.)

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