The Super Mario Bros. Monopoly game is appropriately pixelated

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Who wants to be a real estate mogul in the Mushroom Kingdom!?

Monopoly: Super Mario Bros Collector’s Edition is going to bring all the things you love about the classic game series and squish it into the tried-and-true Monopoly formula. You know what to expect: “do not pass GO, do not collect $200”. Rinse, repeat. But you can’t deny the charm of Nintendo’s flagship series!

Check it out:

The Super Mario Bros. Collector’s Edition of Monopoly allows players to buy, sell, and trade locations from the eight worlds featured in the classic 8-bit version of the 1985 video game! Custom 8-bit styled game pieces complete this 8-bit classic styled Monopoly game with an original Super Mario Bros. twist. Comes with 6 Collectible 8-bit styled Tokens including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Super Mushroom, and 1-up Mushroom; Custom Designed 8-bit styled Game Board; Custom Goal Poles and Castles that replace traditional Houses and Hotels; Community Chest and Chance Cards that have been renamed ? Block and Warp Pipe; Custom themed Monopoly money; and Instructions.



So when can you pick this up? Right freaking now! Pick it up from Amazon right here. For all things fun, stick with Inside the Magic!

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