The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is coming to Los Angeles in 2017!

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If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts games, they are absolutely incredible. In fact, one of the most iconic things about the franchise is the beautiful orchestral score.

For those who don’t know, the series combines the world of Final Fantasy and Disney to create an entirely new story that pits our heroes against classic Disney villains in a battle to save their worlds.

Now, fans will be pleased to know that the first official symphonic concert for the game is set to make a mark on Los Angeles. The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood will be ablaze with the explosive sound of The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour on June 10th and June 14th, 2017.

According to Laughing Place, the tour features a world-class professional orchestra who will perform selections of the best and most beloved music from the original soundtrack of the whole saga. The concert will feature more than 70 musicians on stage, with amazing HD video cinematics. The best part is, they’ll be supervised by director Tetsuya Nomura himself. How cool is that?

Tickets are now on sale for both events, and I would get them while they’re hot. This one is looking to pack the house!

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