The Harambe Wildlife Parti turns Disney’s Animal Kingdom into a wild celebration!

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You folks ready to boogey down in the jungle?!

We’ve written a lot about the new nighttime festivities at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park (launching Memorial Day weekend), but we haven’t touched a whole lot on the wild nighttime party that’s coming to Harambe area. Lucky for you guys, Disney Parks Blog released some new information on what guests can expect when the sun sets and the village comes alive.

Enter “Wildlife Parti,” a time for wild animals to roam the open savanna and for party animals to take over the streets!

The blog reports that during the festivities, guests will be able to experience “stunningly beautiful theatre district to its bustling marketplace, with the sights and sounds of outstanding local street musicians and entertainers, inviting us to join them in dance and song, partake in exotic foods and libations and explore the diverse wares of village artisans and merchants.” The Burudika Band will also be jamming out, performing original songs and keeping the party pumping! Not a bad way to spend an evening, right?

Here are some other highlights of the wild new experience in Harambe:

  • The local soccer team, Harambe Meerkats, cut through the village rallying anyone in sight for the big game of the day, entertaining with comic meerkat-inspired soccer moves, skillful acrobatic teamwork and dancing feet.
  • Kora Tinga Tinga strolls along, serenading visitors to the town with the traditional music of the kora, a hand crafted African harp.
  • Look for Muziki in Harambe’s drum circle, where this delightful stilt-walking music man invites children to join him as he plays on his own instruments, dances and makes them official drummers of the day.
  • The three Karibu Sisters add to the rhythm of the Harambe Marketplace, where they set up their wares and engage passersby through storytelling, elegant dance, a cappella songs and acoustic renditions of African party music.
  • The Harambe Village Acrobats are a troupe of skilled performers who push the adrenaline of the Wildlife Parti to a high point with their drumming, dancing, tumbling and climbing into man-made pyramids and spinning, falling towers.
  • With music, dance and an ever-changing landscape of things to see and do, the Harambe Wildlife Parti offers the excitement of an African village filled with non-stop, wildly fun surprises and delights!

Are you guys super excited to bring in the night “Animal Kingdom” style”? I know I am (bring it on)!

in Disney, Food, Park Secrets, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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