Stephen King’s “The Shining” is now an opera!

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That’s right, there IS an OPERA version of Stephen King’s infamous horror story The Shining about the Overlook Hotel!  The tragedy of the Torrance family was King’s third novel and an instant hit when it was released in 1977. Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 blockbuster film adaptation is revered as one of the most frightening horror movies ever made.

Stephen_King's_THE_SHINING_(mini-series_intertitle)Kubrik’s masterpiece has influenced dozens of other projects. Tim Burton modeled Tweedlee Dee and Tweedledum after The Shining’s Grady twins in his live action version Alice in Wonderland for Disney. The twins are referenced an episode of the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror. The eerie hallway scene where the young girls first appear is also what was showing on the drive-in (along with Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” clip) in the move Twister.  The move has also been alluded to in music videos (Thirty Seconds to Mars’ The Kill, Slipknot’s Spit it Out) and numerous television shows (Scream Queens, Gilmore Girls, Remington Steele, South Park) and has inspired video games like Bio Shock (the Little Sisters are loosely based on the Grady Twins). The Shining was remade as a three-episode mini-series in 1997. (Wikipedia)


“The Shining” – Ken Howard (c) for Minnesota Opera

This May, the Minnesota Opera sold out its original operatic adaption of the Shining. Starring Brian Mulligan as Jack Torrance, the 128-minute musical features an amazing score by Paul Moravec and libretto by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Mark Campbell.

“The Shining” – Ken Howard (c) for Minnesota Opera

“The Shining” – Ken Howard (c) for Minnesota Opera

The operatic adaptation of The Shining was recently featured on NPR, which reports that the goal was to create a new opera that could be performed around the country. “If we get more people into the opera house because of the familiarity and expose them to new and exciting and challenging music, we all win by that,” said Mark Campbell in an interview with NPR. Listen to the full story here, which includes snippets from the Opera.

22-SHINE_2244-500x375“The Shining” – Ken Howard (c) for Minnesota Opera

For more insight on this unique Opera, download a digital copy of the show’s program.
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Images & Source: “The Shining” – Ken Howard (c) for Minnesota Opera (Minnesota Opera website); Wikipedia; NPR

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