Star Trek, still boldly going for 50 years, announces new adventures with teaser clips

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The year 2016 marks a galactic milestone: the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek.

Gene Roddenberry’s “wagon train to the stars” boasts an impressive galaxy worth of adventure spanning seven television series (Star Trek, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise and the yet to be named new series – see below) and 13 major motion pictures (six “classic” crew movies, four with the Next Generation crew, and the three reboot films) makes Star Trek one of the most successful science fiction dramas around (though many would argue the best written stories, closest to Roddenberry’s vision can be found in most of the classic 1966 television episodes and a few from the spin off series).logo-startrek-50_884x381





(this looks vaguely familiar)



This summer the Enterprise sets sail again, this time under new director Justin Lin (Fast and Furious). Star Trek Beyond will be the third chapter of the recent cinematic reboots. Paramount’s 50-year-old space faring franchise seems to be boldly going where it HAS gone before with a few changes, slick special effects and much more action. Despite the apparent emphasis on action and adventure over story, the Star Trek series still manages to delight fans even while reinventing the USS Enterprise and elements of Trek’s fictional history.

ST Beyond1

ST Beyond2

The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, released last year, met with fan disappointment and criticism.  The clip seemed to portray an effects dependent action adventure film instead of the character focused and story driven drama fans have come to expect from Star Trek. To answer that criticism, Simon Pegg (Scotty) promised fans a better look at the upcoming movie.  That promise was finally made good:


As promised the re-cut trailer carries a much different tone while still holding on to the over the top action and stellar effects of the first one. We are afforded a glimpse into the personality and drive that makes up Spock and Kirk. Scotty, again stealing the show with his wonderful wit: “He likes that seat.”


Images Paramount Pictures (via Star Trek Beyond trailer) & NBC (Animated Series)


Star Trek Beyond is will warp into theaters on July 22.


CBS studios unleashed a stellar surprise this week, with its teaser trailer for the much anticipated new Star Trek series.  The 50 second clip, complete with multiple lens flares, was first shown to advertisers at the CBS upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall earlier this week.  Not much was revealed except for the promise of a “new crews, new villains, new heroes and new worlds” and a brand new logo.  Yet the short subspace transmission still managed to excite as a modern version of Alexander Courage’s theme served as the fanfare for the still familiar looking logo’s reveal.

Filming is scheduled to begin in Canada this fall.  The first episode is promised to fans on CBS TV networks in January 2017.  In a move that might be considered more frustrating than Vulcan logic, CBS hinted that in order to watch subsequent first run episodes a paid subscription might be required (currently $5.99 monthly) as they announced the rest of series’ episodes will ONLY stream on CBS All Access in the United States. Trek veteran Brian Fuller (ST: DS9, ST: Voyager) will be responsible for the series as the executive producer. Nicholas Meyer will be writing and producing.

One RUMOR, according to TV Cheat Sheet, is that the new series timeline will be set AFTER Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country but BEFORE Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Their source also alleged that the series might be formatted as a “seasonal anthology” – opening the possibility of different storylines and time periods each season (much the way American Horror Story changes from season to season).

villians and heroes

Info/images/video CBS/Star

What aliens, adversaries or worlds would YOU like to see boldly explored in the new Star Trek series? Comment below

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