Save Agent Carter Petition has over 50,000 signatures, fans implore Netflix to help

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Marvel fans are a passionate bunch and the end of one of their favorites would never go quietly into the night. They are now picking up the fight for the way too early cancellation of ABC series Agent Carter.

One fan launched a petition, just a couple of days ago, imploring Netflix to pick up the critically acclaimed series about the vintage stunner spy. Since launching the petition has received well over 50,000 signatures and also got quite the attention on Twitter.


Unfortunately online petitions usually have very little impact on the fate of TV series and rarely, if ever, save a TV show. It definitely doesn’t look good as actress Hayley Atwell has already joined a new series at ABC.

You can check out the petition and sign it yourself HERE.


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    It’s over 80,000 as of 5/17

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    The first season of Agent Carter is great, my humble opinion anyway. I took a lot of issue with the second season. It was too cartoony with a lame plot that could have been wrapped up in one episode. Even still, the series had potential and it had a good solid cast. I for one would have liked to see a third season returning to the darker more serious tone of season one. Pity the series was canceled, when firing the writers and fixing the production could have fixed it.

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    (dripping with sarcasm: )
    Gee, given Civil War’s popularity in the theaters, maybe the producers should say “SAVE me, Captain America!”

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