PHOTOS: Mulan and Pocahontas debut new outfits at Walt Disney World

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Princesses always get excited for a brand new dress and it looks as if two fan favorites, Mulan and Pocahontas, received some recently at Walt Disney World. Both Mulan and Pocahontas received a fresh new look this past weekend at their respective meet and greets at Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Mulan’s outfit changed to a more colorful and regal look.

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Here is a comparison picture of Mulan’s old outfit.

mul199588SMALL Pocahontas went through quite the transformation with her new outfit including much more earthy colors and detailing. The biggest difference guests will notice is that her blue necklace is now replaced with another jewelry piece.  

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Here is a look at Pocahontas’ old outfit.


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in Disney, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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