PHOTOS: Mulan and Pocahontas debut new outfits at Walt Disney World

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Princesses always get excited for a brand new dress and it looks as if two fan favorites, Mulan and Pocahontas, received some recently at Walt Disney World. Both Mulan and Pocahontas received a fresh new look this past weekend at their respective meet and greets at Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Mulan’s outfit changed to a more colorful and regal look.

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Here is a comparison picture of Mulan’s old outfit.

mul199588SMALL Pocahontas went through quite the transformation with her new outfit including much more earthy colors and detailing. The biggest difference guests will notice is that her blue necklace is now replaced with another jewelry piece.  

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Here is a look at Pocahontas’ old outfit.


What do you think about the Disney Princesses new outfits? Sound off in the comments below.


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    Dylan Kelly

    It looks great!

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    I thought Cinderella’s upgrades were an improvement, but what IS it with the changes–Is it to copyright the new marketing designs and not pay royalties to the classic animators? Seriously.

    I don’t mind a little upgrade if they look like the movie characters and not like SDCC fan cosplay (Pocahontas looks like she borrowed her friend Nakoma’s dress), but it’s hard to tell whether that’s Mulan or a cast member at Animal Kingdom’s Tibet area.

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    I like them, but I’m neither Chinese nor Native American (particularly Pocahontas’ nation). I’d be more interested in what people from those nations think.

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      The opinions of those people are not as important as the accuracy to the original films. After all, the films aren’t historically accurate themselves. If they were, pocohantas would hardly be a movie or character most people would be willing to allow their children to see, as the women of her tribe, historically, were topless.

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        Historically Pocahontas was also married as a child

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    Please let us know if or when Jasmine will get a look as well.

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      She just did… And it’s awful. Like something out of the 1970s.

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      She did. It is horrible.

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    Pocahontas should have retained her blue necklace as that was pivotal to her story! It was her mother’s necklace!

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      Mulan seems to be missing her family’s jade necklace, as well.

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      Gina Gallagher

      Agreed. That was the first thing that rang wrong w this.

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      The necklaces are key to the story I would have left those like in the story.

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      Thats the first thing I said too

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      I’m actually really mad that her necklace was changed!

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      Completely agree. These are HUGE peices in their story. What a disappointment.

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      I agree!

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    Just further from the familiar film images.
    No doubt new dolls are arriving soon.

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    I don’t like it. Too showy and not authentic. Sad

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      Is that you, Donald?

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    Wtf, they don’t even look at all like the characters. I showed the pics to my 3 year old, who is very familiar with these characters and meet the old versions several times. She couldn’t identify mulan and the first thing she said when she saw Pocahontas was “Where’s her mom’s necklace”. Disney has really lost its way, sad.

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    I’m not a fan of the new outfits.

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    Loo nothing like the original characters.
    Where’s her mother’s necklace for starter?
    All this is to avoid royalties I bet. Why not just wear a different outfit from the original movie? Like Mulans “ping” outfit or one of pocohantis”s 6 outfits between the 2 films

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    While Mulan’s new dress is very pretty it just doesn’t look like Mulan. Where is the Jade necklace? How does this fit into the movie at all?

    As for Pocahontas….well if I had not read that it was her, I would have thought it was just a random Native American being portrayed very badly.

    I think these 2 make overs are the saddest ones yet. At least with the others we can still the traits of the original Characters whereas here it’s like all the important little details have been taken away.

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    What is disney trying to do? Keep everything the way it used to be. I don’t like this change.

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    Not a fan of the new outfits. My 4 year old didn’t recognize either of them and fussed at me over why if that is pocahontas is she not wearing her better necklace and did she lose it.

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    Wow, I really don’t like these changes. No blue necklace for Pocahontas? That’s a key part of her story, as others have mentioned. And I just don’t like Mulan’s new look in general, at all.

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    I just noticed that they changed Pocahontas’s tattoo as well. I wounder why they did that or was it to make it more showy as well?

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    Make them look like the characters in the movies that they are portraying!! That’s the point of characters walking around he park and taking pictures.

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    Costumes should have stayed the same to represent the movie character in the film(s)… This new idea to change their costumes is the dumbest idea ever..

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    I hate them all! Especially Jasmine’s. They shouldn’t of changed anything. You know the saying”if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!

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    They have traded the iconic visual “identity” created by the movie and been replaced with “generic” PC inspired (less inspired), versions of their former selves.
    But that’s just my opinion.

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    Growing up and waiting for these movies to come out, and the originals, not 1,2,1/2 the first ones, those outfits were icons. Everyone knew Pocahontas by her mothers blue necklace, and everyone remembers mulans whole segment on getting ready with that outfit. Those outfits were icons, it now looks like they are just trying to pay tribute to the different cultures instead of being in a world of Disney.

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    Pocahontas was fine the way it was she looked accurate to the movie what was the point of changing the outfit? Your destroying the magic of Disney movie characters come to life at your parks Jesus stop already morons

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    Disney is RUINING the classics. First off, ARE YOU MORONS HIGH??? You are trying to small children. If the characters don’t look like they do in the movies they love, they won’t know who they are. My daughter had no clue who the new jasmine was when she saw her and asked why her pretty costume is gone.

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    I don’t care for the chances–they don’t look like their film counterparts. I’d love to see Mulan in her warrior garb, actually! But Pocahontas’s necklace looks wrong, wrong.

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    The ‘old’ outfits were more true to the movies! I like the new looks but they shouldn’t have changed Pocahontas’ necklace! At least their outfits are still recognisable as the characters they are! Jasmine’s however should have kept the lower neckline poor actress looks uncomfortable in the high neck, but as the colder seasons are coming now I think the more covering outfit will be welcomed – I do love Aladdin’s new look though ?

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    If they change the costumes then they should be giving them new movies. Like some of you said this is making the characters unrecognizable. I would not have recognized any of them if I was not told that it was them. What happened to the authenticity to the movies that Disney worked so hard to achieve.

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    I wonder if they are changing them in anticipation of the new live action versions? What works in 2D animation, doesn’t necessarily look impressive in reality.

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    I’m highly disappointed in the outfit change. It’s the original movie and when you make changes like that it alters everything for generations to come. Their outfits represent their culture and ethnicity so who ever says its “inappropriate” need to learn a lesson and not put so much of their focus on what’s being “exposed” to children. If it’s bothering you so much stop spending millions to take your kids to the damn place

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    I love pocahontas new get up but bring back the blue necklace!! It has so much meaning in the story. Please don’t replace it!! It shows her connection to her mom.

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    If Pocahontas is wearing that necklace she should wear the fancy dress she wore in the second movie cause it looks like the one john Rolph gave her not this outfit which clearly say it need the blue necklace

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    Jame-Joe Pierce

    If its not broken dont fix it!!!!

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    They’re ravishing!

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