PHOTOS: LDC Fashion company introduces new BioShock-inspired women’s clothing line

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It’s been almost a decade since the universally acclaimed first-person-shooter BioShock first wowed video game fans with its immersive dystopian environments and thought-provoking political storytelling. Two sequels later, the BioShock series is one of the best-loved franchises among the most recent generation of gamers.

Now female fans of the series have an officially-licensed chance to express their enthusiasm for all things BioShock with a new apparel line from the trendy designers at Living Dead Clothing. Take a look at some of the eye-catching outfits available below, and then check out the full BioShock catalog at the official Living Dead website.

BIO032_Little_Sister_Cosplay_Skater-5_large BIO001_Big_Sister_Tee-1_large BIO014_Shock_Jockey_Tee-2_large BIO019_Bioshock_Achievement_Leggings-1_large BIO020_Vigor_Princess-1_large BIO031_Big_Daddy_Cosplay_Skater-1_large BIO037_ADAM_Skater-1_large BIO040_Delta_Cosplay_Skater-1_large BIO047_Welcome_To_Rapture_Skater-1_largeBIO033_Red_Little_Sister_Cosplay_Skater-2_large

Whether you want to get decked out as a citizen of Rapture (or Columbia), promote the various “Vigors” available to enhance players’ abilities in-game, or simply represent the BioShock fan community in style, this collection from LDC sure seems like the perfect option.


All images Copyright LDC Fashion / 2K Games.

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