PHOTOS: Charmed Playhouses Inc. creates the fairy tale playhouses even adults want!

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Charmed Playhouses Inc. is a Canada-based company that basically creates the playhouses we all dreamed about as kids and still want today as adults!

Owner Tyson Leavitt and his team of designers work together with clients to craft a strcuture that fit all their fandom dreams; whether it’s a Rapunzel tower or a Hobbit cabin.

At Charmed, we’re invested in creating handcrafted solid-wood playhouses and treehouses for the most imaginative children and their parents. We also have a unique collection of doghouses that are perfect for your canine companion.

All of our luxury dwellings are custom-designed by an industry-leading architect with the incredible talent to put the ideas of our clients down on paper. While we want to create something to capture your imagination, we also want it to enhance your property.

The majority of playhouses on the market right now are very simple and straightforward, whereas kids want something bright, wacky and fun! From the inside out, our luxury playhouses are designed to provide your children with an out-of-this-world escape right in your own backyard.

As you can see from the pictures below the sky is the limit for these guys!









in Disney, Merchandise, Movies

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