Marvel’s ‘Steve Rogers: Captain America’ issue 1 features shocking twist

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By now, you have all probably heard about the shocking, earth shattering revelation at the end of Marvel’s new release Steve Rogers: Captain America issue 1.

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At the end of the first issue, which was written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Jesus Saiz, that was released this week , Captain America, the Star Spangled Man With A Plan reveals himself to be an agent of HYDRA!


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How it played out in my mind.
How it played out in my mind.

According to an article with Entertainment Weekly, Spencer says this is the new status quo for the newly rejuvenated Steve Rogers.

“The one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.” says Spencer.

The book itself is great. I have to say Spencer and Saiz made an outstanding debut issue. It was well paced, snappy dialogue and great artwork by Saiz. His art reminds me of long time comic artist Carlos Pacheco.

As for the big twist, I think one of three things will be revealed in subsequent issues. One scenario I predict will be when an entity of the Cosmic Cube gave Steve his youth back in Sam Wilson: Captain America issue  7, he was given the memories of someone else. In Steve Rogers: Captain America issue 1, Steve mentions to Sharon Carter “I fee l like a stranger in my own body. I used to look in the mirror and and not recognize the ninety-year-old, and now I don’t recognize this–especially when I’m moving. It’s got me…out of sorts.” Not saying it’ll play out like when Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus switched bodies in the Amazing Spider-Man 700, but I could see something similar happening.

Another scenario I see playing out is the Cosmic Cube used to rejuvenate Rogers inceptioned Steve with false memories, so he thinks he’s been a stealthy HYDRA agent this whole time. By issue six, I see Sam Wilson, the other Captain America right now, making Steve snap out of it. Maybe it wasn’t a real Cosmic Cube, possibly a synthetic one created by HYDRA themselves.

The other scenario I see playing out is that Steve is really a double agent trying to get intel on this new version of HYDRA. No way Marvel retcons the entire history of one of their oldest characters and making him a villain this whole time. Too drastic of a change to make to Captain America. That’d be like if they made Darth Vader some whiney teen instead of a Sith lord dripping evil.

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Uh oh.

Anyway, I highly recommend picking up Steve Rogers: Captain America issue 1. It looks like Marvel, Spencer and Saiz will be taking the Star Spanged Avenger in a new and interesting direction.


  1. Burton

    Thanks for ruining it with your headline guys! Just knowing that there’s a “shocking twist” completely changes my experience with an issue that I’ve been looking forward to reading ever since the series was announced. Me and my brother always read Captain America together, so I’ve been holding off until I visit him tomorrow. At least the experienced won’t be damaged for him!

    Hope the clicks were worth it. Trash rag.

  2. EricJ

    There’s been some fan conspiracy theory about whether the writers at print-Marvel were deliberately doing this as some kind of retaliatory corporate stunt to to sabotage Marvel Studios, but if so, it ain’t working–We’re rather focused on the print writer as the source of blame.
    To quote Tony Stark’s speech to Loki, when the fans come, and they will, they’ll come for YOU, Spencer–A new generation of fans discovering Marvel, and longtime fans happy about seeing Cap finally given some integrity on film, and you, big-fella, you’ve managed to p*** off every single one of them.

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