‘Last Friday’ – A Friday the 13th-inspired slasher board game coming soon

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The Friday the 13th inspired board game: Last Friday has everything a would-be psychopath might need, camp counselors, a variety of creepy places to hide and plenty of campers victims to prey upon.  There even appears to be certain campy canine Saturday morning “mystery” cartoon character involved.

Last Friday board 2


According to the Last Friday Facebook page for the slasher game, Escape Studios describes the game as a “slasher board game set in a camp on which hangs a curse.”

Last friday board

Last Friday board3

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Five friends were contacted by the counselors at Camp Apache, a summer camp nestled deep in the woods. In exchange for a weekend getaway at the camp, the friends agreed to make some repairs and get the place ready for the coming season. What they don’t know, is that they are about to experience the most terrifying weekend of their lives. Locals believe the camp is cursed due to unexplainable misfortunes over the years.

Campfire legend tells of a murderer who died at Camp Apache and is determined to seek revenge from the grave. Several days before their arrival, a decomposed body was fished out of the lake by some divers. The authorities weren’t able to identify the body and had the corpse buried in the cemetery several miles from the infamous camp.

Some believe the body from the lake belongs to the legendary murderer who refuses to stay dead. The unprepared group will soon discover the horrifying truth. Is the body resting peacefully in the cemetery or has the maniac returned to carry out his brutal revenge? – Last Friday Facebook Page

Last Friday board 5

The game is slated for an August 26th 2016 release, just in time for Halloween.

(images and source – Last Friday Facebook page)

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