Frozen 2: Idina Menzel discusses fan campaign to give Elsa a same-sex partner

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Fans around the world have been clamoring for Disney’s Frozen 2 to feature everybody’s favorite ice queen with a female love interest. I personally love the idea.

Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that the voice behind Elsa has responded to a petition calling for the animated princess to have a girlfriend for the foreseeable future of the franchise. That’s right, Idina Menzel herself addressed the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend social media campaign in an attempt to shed a little light on the idea of her character having a same-sex girlfriend.

“I think it’s great,” the Broadway star and actress told ET. “Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out.” When asked if she’d support the decision if it were to happen, Menzel responded: “No matter what,” as the character “changed my life.”

As of now, there’s no official release date for Frozen 2, but you can bet we’ll have all the details the moment they release it! So do you think Disney should give Elsa a girlfriend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Greg

    Very, very disappointing.

    1. Jennifer

      why? because you don’t happen to agree with “their” lifestyle choice? “they” are still human beings, they deserve to be happy, and to live without fear of judgment or persecution. why is it ANY business of yours who someone else falls in love with? it doesn’t hurt you, and children deserve to know that it is OK to be different and to be free to be themselves. LGBT children and teens deserve to know that somebody’s got their back, they deserve to have good strong role models too.

      heck, many right-wing nutjobs clamored against Frozen claiming Elsa was clearly gay when the first movie came out long before this petition even existed. why not run with it if it’s what the fans want? Disney is a lot of things, but they are not judgmental bigots, and they focus on making EVERY child feel loved, appreciated, and valued. I would applaud them should they decide to make her the first LGBT Disney Princess/Queen.

      maybe you should try reading your Bible more instead of judging fictional characters and actors’/companies’ decisions and opinions. pay special focus to that whole “Judge Not” passage. you seem to have ignored it completely.

      1. Toni

        Jennifer .. re-read your first sentence over and over again ..

        1. Jennifer

          huh, glad you can read. you noticed the bunny quotes – they are there on purpose, to drive home the point that it’s not an “us vs them” situation for any of us. some people see anyone who is different than themselves in bunny quotes as “other” or “outside”. I say that is complete and utter bulls**t and people need to learn to mind their own business and let others be happy without interference. only a bigot ignores their bible verses and teachings when a particular subject becomes “inconvenient” and fails to reinforce their narrow world view.

          1. Bill

            It’s not ok! Because we think it’s wrong it’s not ok? Who are you calling a bigot?

        2. Missy

          Maybe she needs to read the chapter in the bible about Sodom and Gomorrah ?

      2. Greg

        Well Jennifer, you clearly don’t know what the Bible says, so you should probably stop using it to make any point from here on out. The Bible does NOT say NEVER judge anyone’s actions or behaviors. That is a made up idea by people who don’t read the Bible. The implication is to not judge others if you are guilty of the same inequities. Scripture is very clear that you should call others on their wrong actions.

        Now, in regards to the movie, this is clearly a stunt and nothing else. Making a character in an animated children’s film gay is ridiculous. Children’s movies are not the place to push sexual ideologies. I guess eventually we will have characters in Disney animated movies sleeping around, etc.

        1. Adam McCabe

          Meanwhile, heterosexual couples have existed in children’s animated films for years. There’s nothing being pushed. Love is love. Welcome to 2016.

          1. Greg

            And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. To say nothing is being pushed, in regards to gay characters in media is to live in a state of naivety.

        2. Summer Smith

          The bible says it’s okay to marry your half sister, and to sell your daughter to her rapist. I don’t think that’s what you should be basing your morality on..

          1. Diana

            please tell me what EXACT part of the bible says that. Please.

          2. Greg

            But it is OK to base morality on what we feel at any given moment. Much better choice!
            And just so you know, those practices were ended. In the Bible. Good job taking things out of context though.

          3. Summer Smith

            Diana, Abraham and Sarah were half siblings, it’s in the book of Genesis. Also Deuteronomy 22:28-29 22:28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;
            22:29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

          4. Summer Smith

            Greg, morality should be based on doing what’s good for others, not some book that okays many things that are immoral. Think of the golden rule as a good basis to start with, it’s mentioned in your book, but in others as well, because it’s common sense and empathy. Morality is subjective and should be because needs change in different situations and cultures. And yes, there are some things that will be immoral nearly universally like rape, and murder. Of course, rape didn’t even make it into the 10 commandments though, most of those are just about how to address that particular deity.

        3. Chris

          Uh Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

          1. Greg

            Uh, you have not clue what the context is obviously.

          2. Kayla

            Yes, the Bible says not to judge. But not judging somebody doesn’t mean that we are supposed to encourage things that we believe are wrong.
            When you have kids, you love them no matter what choices they make. But are you going to encourage them to lie, cheat, steal, etc., and say “I can’t judge you, do whatever you feel is right”? No, you wouldn’t. This is how Christians feel. We are allowed to have our own opinions on things, and judging us for our opinions (calling us hateful, close minded, etc.) and not allowing us to voice them is hypocritical.

    2. Diana Santana

      I’m very disappointed as well… just because a woman is independent and does not want to be in a relationship that DOES NOT makes her a lesbian. Just a woman that likes to take her time to do so, or that, as she says in the movie, don’t believe a woman should marry a man she just met.

      I don’t mind if she is lesbian or not or even asexual for God’s sake – if that was the case the first time. Now is just seems to be part of an agenda or whatever.

  2. Teresa

    No. Way.

  3. Saria

    Wonderful! It’s time for everyone to be accepting and open minded of other people, no matter what they look like, what language they speak, or who they love. In the end love wins.

    1. Bill

      Sodom and Gomorrah all over again!

  4. Robert

    I don’t think that’s a very good idea. I think Disney mov

  5. Jennifer

    I HATE THAT!!! I hope that they don’t do that!!! Not with Frozen!!! I LOVE Frozen & I don’t want them messing it up by making Elsa gay!!! If they are going to do that, which unfortunately they probably will on the future, do it with some other character just not on Frozen!!! I don’t think they will because of the moneymaker that Frozen is and how much they would lose by doing that.

    1. Morgan

      I wonder what it’s like to be such a hateful person.

    2. Scarlet

      Hi Jennifer, I would just like to say something: it wouldn’t mess it up at all if they made Elsa gay. A long time ago, I knew someone who was a teacher, and the children they were teaching thought nothing of being gay, and they just thought that boys could like girls, boys could like boys, and girls could like girls- if they do end up making her a lesbian, the children watching the movie would think nothing of it and be happy Elsa found her true love, and that it didn’t have to be a prince- almost exactly what the first movie taught, but in a different context; true love is true love, if it’s sisterly, family, same sex, or romantic love, doesn’t matter. It’s true love, and that’s what matters. If you hate the fact they may make Elsa a lesbian, think about it. You hate the fact they’re following the first movie’s morals, which is what i said: true love is true love- it doesn’t matter if it’s a sisterly or brotherly kind of love, same sex love, romantic love, or family love- it’s true love. Please take some time to think about what you just said, Jennifer.

  6. bad idea. She’s a powerful role model for ALL girls. Leave her that way.

    1. sarah

      And being gay suddenly makes you not a role model?

      lol ok….ill just get back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen..

      1. Bill

        Simple Minds for simple people!

      2. What part of the words ‘powerful’ and ‘all’ do you not understand?

    2. Jennifer

      any why, precisely, would a gay woman NOT still be a role model for ANY girl if she was a good person?

      I think you need to reevaluate your definition of role models. one’s character, integrity, and strength have NOTHING to do with one’s sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, political affiliation, or nationality. kids don’t give two shakes about any of those things until they are *taught* to care by adults. she would still be *just* as good of a role model if she were gay as if she were straight!!

      1. you’re ranting for ranting’s sake. I said she should remain all inclusive and non specific, If you can’t hear my point then you have your fingers in your ears too deep to ever be reached again.

  7. Carlos

    No way. I have nothing against people having same-sex partners, but c’mon. Disney should stick to traditional Princess and Prince plots, as Walt Disney did. Just because the world is changing doesnt mean Fantasy should change, too. This is a horrible idea. Sometimes, people are so sensitive about that stuff. I hope Disney doesn’t fall into that pit of weakness and sensitivity. But, if they reject, a lotof people will be upset and call them evil and say that they dont believe in equality. Blegh.

    1. Eter

      But that is exactly why fantasy must change – because the world is changing.

      1. Bill

        But if we sit back and look is the world changing for the good? That’s pretty obvious but it’s not!

    2. Jennifer

      Why should fantasy not change?!? That makes no sense the world is changing to be more inclusive of people regardless of their sexuality. Our movies/ tv shows should be changing to reflect that. About 10% of people are not heterosexual and Disney has made far more than 10 movies and none have represented the LGBT community with a main character, it’s time a movie did. Having children watch a gay Elsa on screen will not “turn them gay” but it will help children accept themselves for who they are. Making the children of the world happier and the world a better place ?

  8. Matt

    Well I won’t support that movie.

  9. Tina

    Why even give her a partner? Does she need a bf/gf why not show young people that a significant other is not needed for a happy ending!

    1. Brenda

      Tina I agree with you totally. Give all girls a good strong INDEPENDENT roll model.

    2. Adriana

      Best answer so far!!!! I totally agree with you.

    3. Scarlet

      To be honest, I don’t think that they’re going to teach that it’s mandatory to have a romantic partner for a happy ending; I believe they’ll teach that there are all kinds of happy endings, some where you can be independent, and others where you can find true love in another person. It all just depends on what you decide on.

  10. Jason

    Disney wont risk billions of dollars in Frozen 2 revenue in order to do this. They may do it with a new movie, but not an establishe franchise guaranteed to make money.

  11. AP holder

    This is not what Disney stands for!! They have LGBT weekends and special events for those groups. Stand behind one woman one man Disney!!

    1. Summer Smith

      Just like the bible? Oh wait, that was one man, one woman, his maid, and 300 concubines, right? As long as there’s only one man *facepalm*

  12. angie

    i personally do not agree with the idea. I have no problems with people choosing their own lifestyle however this is Disney. These are kids movies and kids are confused enough at a young age.

    1. Summer Smith

      It’s not a choice. Did you choose to be straight?

      1. JaSon

        If the Bible says homosexual actions are sinful, and God told the people who wrote the Bible what to say, why would God create people with no choice but to sin?

        1. Summer Smith

          In the bible incest is okay, as is rape and slavery. Also, you should be willing to murder your child for the lord. I think I’d rather base my morality on empathy and doing the most good for the most people. Also, Disney isn’t a religious organization and as such they don’t have to follow religious rules. Oh, and don’t forget that divorce is mentioned much more often in the bible than homosexuality. So when are you going to try to outlaw that?

        2. Summer Smith

          In direct answer to your question though, you answered it. Men wrote the bible, not a deity. Sexuality is an inborn trait, it is immutable. I know it’s hard to understand for some people, I get it, it’s difficult to put yourself in others’ shoes. Just chalk it up as another point to either god doesn’t exist, or that the bible’s words are man’s and not god’s.

  13. Shelby

    Absolutely not! These are children based movies, why do people have to go and mess with it. Let the children believe in the magic and imagination, not adults love interest being incorporated into it. I’ll be so disappointed in Disney if they start making movies with same sex relationships

    1. Morgan

      “not adults love interest being incorporated into it.” then explain all the -heterosexual- romance in every Disney princess movie ever.

  14. Barbara

    And while they’re at it, maybe Disney can give some characters actual mothers, instead of always killing them off and/or making them invisible?

  15. Morgan


    Here’s the deal with Elsa. The Frozen franchise is a guaranteed grand slam for Disney. I don’t see them risking that in any way with the families out there who would keep their kids from seeing this movie. I also don’t think Elsa is the best candidate for a lesbian princess or in her case, queen. Elsa has proven that she is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need a partner right now and is focused on family. Throwing a relationship in there with a man or woman kinda takes away from Elsa for me. Moreover, Disney and Pixar have been striving the last few movies to show that acts of true love do not always have to come from a partnered relationship. We saw this with Annas act of true love for Elsa and with Merida and her mother. So again, with these movies, it’s best to leave them as the “classic” tales. However, I’m not opposed to them making a new movie based on a same sex love interest. It gives people what they want and it makes more financial sense in that undoubtedly people will go, even out of curiosity. It gives the movie the chance to be a huge success or flop without endangering the Frozen franchise. Disney is very sympathetic to gay rights as everyone should be so whether people like it or not, this type of movie will most likely happen. It’s also better to give this character their own story. It should be their story instead of being some side plot of another movie. Anyway, that’s what I think.

  16. Art

    I’m offended everybody thinks Elsa is a woman. How do we know she is not Transgendered? Maybe she is a man who identifies as a woman and is actually gay, hence the female partner. Maybe Disney is being more progressive then we think.

  17. Tammy

    I am totally against Elsa having a girlfriend. Disney was made to be family friendly and I feel Walt would roll over in his grave if this were to happen. I think doing this would cripple the Disney name. I know I would be one of many that would be disappointed. Though I’m sure some would be ok with it, but I ask you, why open that can of worms, why risk something so wonderful as the reputation of the Disney name?

    1. Aaron

      How is Elsa having a girlfriend making the movie not family friendly? Unless I’m mistaken and the next Frozen movies is going to be rated PG-13 or R to allow some form of sexualized content, there is literally no evidence to suggest that the relationship would be any more or less family friendly than any of the previously established heterosexual relationships in Disney’s history of animated films.

      I’m not suggesting that Elsa should be homosexual or heterosexual. Someone else suggested earlier that Elsa just being on her own would be amazing and that’s pretty cool. There’s real world examples of queens who never married and ruled their nations their entire lives. I AM saying, however, that if Elsa were given a female partner, it would be just as tame as with any male partner she might have.

      1. Summer Smith

        You hit the nail on the head!

  18. Why can’t Elsa just be the strong, big sister? Why does she have to be anything else for children as a role model?

  19. Adam

    i think that at some point very soon there should be a non-heteronormative character, but I don’t think that Elsa is the right one. I think that she should remain a strong single independent woman that puts her family and her kingdom first. I won’t be upset if she does get a female, or a male love interest, but I don’t think she needs one.

  20. Denise

    Why not keep her single? Why does she need a love intrest? Can’t we show kids it is ok to not be in love and to just be? I think it is farless controvercial than creating her character to be gay or straight. She can be the independant woman on her own nto needing anyone! Stnad for something bigger than romance and love. Stand for showing girls it is far better to be strong and on your own first and not needing someone. I knwo as a kid feelign that you need a significant other can be a lonley feeling. Creaitng a strong character to show it is great to be on your own!

  21. Hailey

    I think it would be better to leave her single. Let her be a role model for girl to realize that they can be amazing with or without a partner male or female. I will be very disappointed if they decide to go this way. Just leave her alone.

  22. Shelly

    Leave Elsa single. Please do not push the gay agenda down our throats in the cartoons. I will not take my child to see it. Matter of fact any gay Disney film that’s put out I won’t support it.

  23. Todd

    I hope Disney is smart enough not to get dragged into hyping the LGBT agenda. They need to maintain traditional characters consistent with the tales they lift these characters and stories from. By the way, Gay Days is not a sanctioned Disney event and they do not sponsor it.
    Disney can take a lesson from Target’s recent “bone-head”move, as Target’s sales are already starting to fall and their stock price is tumbling, meanwhile their competition is reaping a windfall.
    Disney has been bright thus far with many moves such as purchasing properties (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm) hopefully they will not get mired into business harming – political suicide.

  24. Charlotte

    No, I would really prefer Elsa not be given a same sex partner. Children’s movies should not be used to further a political platform so blatantly. Let kids be kids and stop using them as weapons in politics.

    1. Matthew

      “Let kids be kids” — and some kids are gay. That’s not a political platform.

  25. Jonathan

    This would be an awful idea, man or woman! The whole films premise is “you don’t need a ‘man’ to save the day”.

  26. Paradox

    I’m fine with it, but I hope they keep her ambiguous. She means so many things to so many people, and I feel like if they say that she’s one particular thing, it will limit her reach. Kids and people in general may not be able to relate as they once did and could lose their hero because of it.

  27. EricJ

    It’s basically
    A) the same “Me too!” factor LBTQ audiences want any movie they like to be “theirs”, and it’s some conspiracy if mainstream movies “leave them out” by putting only “heteronormative” (seriously, is that a word??) characters in their movies–instead of displaying any ability to sympathize with a character on the character’s level, as most stories ask us to–and saying they’d like Star Wars Episode VIII better “if Finn or Luke turned out to be gay, wouldn’t that be progressive?”
    B) because “Squatter’s Rights” have now in their minds rubber-stamp certified Frozen as “The Gay Disney Movie”, because everyone mistook Elsa’s “Running Away and Sulking Song” as something else that they -wanted- it to be, without, again, displaying any remote degree of empathy outside their own narcissistic selves to try and understand why the character was singing it in the first place.

    Movies are not what we WANT them to be, and directors didn’t ask us. As Roger Ebert once wrote, “Ten thousand years ago, the first cave storyteller around the fire could have stopped and -asked- the audience how they wanted the story to come out. It is to our benefit that he didn’t.”
    There are many reasons Elsa doesn’t have a prince, her own pessimistically crushed self-esteem from childhood would be one of them, and her own fears of Anna’s happily leaping off a cliff into Hans’ arms would be another. But that’s what you learn when you stop looking at the mirror and start trying to understand what someone else might be feeling, whether it’s what we wanted or expected or not.
    And as for Idina’s “I like it, it’s neat!”, apart from the fact that no one asked -her-, either, let’s just say someone who’s worked for the last ten years in Broadway might be a little BIASED on the question.

    1. Greg

      Totally agree. Well said.

  28. Laura

    I think it’s a great idea. Children should be shown from an early age that’s okay to love whoever they want, and to celebrate that. Love is love, no matter what the sex of the couple who share it, and that is beautiful. I don’t think Elsa needs a significant other for a happy ending, but if she’s going to get one, why can’t it be a girl?

    1. Greg

      Is it OK for a person to love two people? And marry both at the same time? How about marrying their cousin, or sibling? What about their dog? If they truly love it. Then we could have kids movies about each of those situations too. After all, love is love, and who are you to say any of these situations are not valid?

      1. Jennifer

        Cop on.

  29. tripsmom1121

    I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of Disney and when I had kids they soon became fans too, triplet fans! I support friends that are adults and chose their lifestyle. No biggy. Do what makes you happy! But, if Disney choses to start same gender love interests in their movies, I will be very disappointed. It’s the age thing I’m concerned about. generally Disney movies are geared at younger age groups and most likely they will not get it anyways. So why do it? Create a character who’s strong and single, that you do not need anyone to build a better YOU! My kids are 10 1/2 yo BBG triplets and interestingly enough, they do NOT like hearing about that type of thing. Same sex ANYTHING! I tell them everyone is different and you never know who you will fall in love with. To prove my point through the eyes (or rather ears) of my children…the Katy Perry song, “I kissed a girl” came on the radio just this weekend and they all said, “Mom, I don’t like this song. Don’t understand it. Turn it over, please.” Can I tell you my three kids generally do NOT agree on anything and they all said that. I did not even try to explain anything. Just turned it over. We loved the movie Frozen and probably would see the sequel, but if this is going to happen, I do NOT think my kids will want to see it.

  30. Timmothy

    No, she can’t be lez, she’s not fat and ugly.

    1. EricJ

      Cropping that beautiful ponytail and turning her ice-dress plaid? Never!

  31. Stephanie

    Wow, everyone all pumped to defend either extreme of opinion on this. A small child’s cartoon is not the correct time, or place, to start a discourse on human sexuality. That is best left to the parent, no other opinion matters. It is for this reason, that Disney isn’t going to touch this. They are out to sell as much as they can, to as many as they can, and all decisions will follow the demographic. Respectfully agree to disagree, and move on.

  32. Mike H

    I agree 100% with what Stephanie. She is spot on on all points.

  33. Hannah

    Cause an angry ice queen independent of a man interest fits the perfect stereotype of who should be a lesbian, right?

    Considering this is a children’s franchise, I think the movie is more inclusive keeping the focus on sisters being there for eachother rather than making sure everyone is in a fairytale romance. I support marriage, but I don’t think kid movies need to be focused on falling into love all the time. There’s way more you can offer children to look forward to than romantic love.

  34. holly

    Jennifer must have skipped over the scripture in 1 Corinthians where it says “the saints shall judge the world” and even “judge angels”. The scripture saying judge not lest you be judged is used to demonstrate how those men were just condemning her for the sake of condemning. Their heart wasn’t in the right place. However, love most certainly calls people on their errors of their ways to bring them out of their situation and deliver them. In regards to frozen 2, a children’s movie is an inappropriate platform to introduce lgbt propoganda. This is just crazy wrong and inappropriate.

    1. Greg

      Thank you Holly.

  35. Susan w

    So sick of this crap being forced upon our kids!! Leave kids movies alone period!! If this does come about we might just have to start a petition!!

  36. Jay

    So many evil comments in here. This world is crap! I’m off to live on Mars as soon as they make it habitable. Bigoted morons!!

    1. Greg

      I agree, this world is crap. So many people forcing their beliefs upon others, and yet accusing others of doing the same thing.

    2. Jennifer

      Totally agree! Why can’t people realise that there will always be gay people in this world and your own little world will be a brighter place when you accept that.

  37. James Cobalt

    At first I thought – who cares? Then I read the comments here. There’s obviously still a great need for Disney to offer children a positive image of non-hetero characters, since there are apparently so many parents here who won’t.

    1. Jennifer

      I hate to think that some of these peoples children are growing up in such unaccepting households.

    2. Summer Smith

      Agreed! Honestly, I don’t care if they give her a love interest at all, male or female, or if they just leave her as a strong independent woman. I just can’t stand the people who think that anything other than their white bread lifestyle is horrifying. I teach my kids to be open minded to all things, and how to be good people for the sake of being good. I would hate to see what they teach theirs.

  38. Amandy

    All the yes!!!

  39. Alfonso

    Its very sad that they even considering doing that in a kids movie.

  40. V

    Let’s leave the kids innocent mind and imagination..if it happens, their minds might be disturbed. The fans of this movie are very young, there’s a right time & movie to open their minds about sexuality reality and this is not the film for that. As they grow, they will know about homosexuality and decide for themselves but for the time being..let them be kids.

    1. meg

      i agree. it does not have to be pushed on them. My 5 year old daughter would be super confused being this young and not seeing a man and woman like her parents. I think it would be super confusing for kids even younger.

      1. Summer Smith

        That’s strange. My daughter is 7 and my son is 11, and both have grown up with gay people in their life. They’ve had no issues or confusion, and just see it as normal. Even though they themselves aren’t gay, they understand that these people that they love are. They’ve never questioned it.

  41. nick

    Uh…Weren’t Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum the first gay Disney cartoon characters?

    1. meg

      they were twin brothers.

  42. Matt

    Umm how about we just sit back, relax and enjoy whatever Disney does. Cause let’s be honest, we are just going to enjoy whatever they make. I mean, come on, it’s Disney, they could make a movie about a grub worm livin in a cemetery and they’ll find a way for all of us to worship it.

  43. Leah

    Leave Elsa alone. She DOESN’T NEED a man or a woman! She’s supposed to be the independent, strong character much like Queen Elizabeth I. Anna was the emotionally needy dingbat desperate for a relationship. The Snow Queen in the original book also ruled by herself! Leave this one alone, Idina.

  44. Andrew

    If Disney were to go down the girl friend path Elsa, I honestly do not see Disney animators having to animate a kissing scene so it can be interpreted as a girlfriend or a close buddy for the those who disagree with the whole homosexual is wrong crowd. Both kids will understand eventually if it is a classic worthy of multiple home viewings. Also maybe Let it Go covered this part on Elsa’s life of hiding it already. Every think of that ladies and gentlemen?

    1. Andrew

      I meant Anybody think of that?

    2. EricJ

      Every gay fan in the WORLD thought that, and it just isn’t true:
      In “Let It Go”, Elsa isn’t “triumphantly” or “empowered” in shutting herself off from the world, she’s giving into her own traumatized fears about her powers and rationalizing her own isolation and bitterness in doing it–If I’m alone, I’m going to BE alone, on my terms. (I always stared baffled at people who thought “The cold never bothered me anyway” was the chorus from an “inspirational” song.)
      And as she ultimately learns from saving Anna, thawing out the kingdom from her own icy sulk, and ultimately becoming Arendelle’s new popular and beloved ruler…she was wrong to think that.

      Some people would like to convince themselves she was “right” in separating herself, which is pretty much what the other 99% of the movie WASN’T saying, but that’s when we learn to take an -entire- movie on its own terms, and not cherrypick and choose the bits that we like to think make us look good, as if the movie was there to be our own personal fashion accessory.

  45. Matthew

    Ruin the movie? Making a character gay ruins the movie? Are you serious?

    I suppose you think having gay friends makes you immune from being prejudiced?

  46. Robyn

    Absolutely not. I may be all for Disney showing young girls that they don’t need a man in their life to be happy, but I do believe that, if a character does look for, and finds love in a kids movie, it should be shown between a man and a woman. Disney has always prided themselves on wholesome family values, and I’m sorry, exposing children as young as 2 or 3 to that type of relatonship is just not right. Idina may have played a lesbian in RENT, but that is a piece intended for adults (late teens too I guess), not young kids who won’t understand. Keep Disney pure and leave the subject of homosexuality to their live action pictures only.

  47. Jose

    I have nothing against the LGBT community and in fact have many friends and family who I love that are gay. However the LGBT agenda is being shoved down everyone’s throat now. No need to make a child question the meaning of sexuality or any type of relationship before they can even spell their name. Let a child hang on to as much of their childhood as they can without any unnecessary complications. The only reason this is being pushed is so some can feel included. LGBT community I love you but stop trying to force your agenda. Let kids discover who they are on their own.

  48. Sam Quan

    I don’t think that is a good idea for this movie is a worldwide phenomenon.

  49. S

    Oh very disgusting you people ugh that’s not what’s gods law is and isn’t in the bible either in the bible it states man and wife

    1. Spencer

      Is it such a sin that people love each other? Love is hard enough to find, so be it man and woman, man and man or woman and woman. We are just PEOPLE. We have feeling and sometimes we have different needs, wants and shiz. I for one am VERY excited to see if Frozen will support the LGBT group. I mean we have seen princesses marry frogs and ogres. You saying marrying an animal is okay but not a female and a female courting each other is okay? All you so called bible thumpers are a disgrace..Just let them do what they want. When presented with love and happiness you take it, regardless of its form.

    2. Steve

      Bless….. you still believe those fairy stories.

  50. Meliss

    This would ruin the new movie and I would never watch it with my daughter. Come on Disney be more dignified then that. Princesses marry Princes that how DISNEY should always be. Queens marry Kings not another Queen. Let’s just really confuse every kid.

    1. Mark

      Agree Meliss.

      It seems the Political Correctness side of our community is hell bent on taking the child out of children. As Parents we have the responsibility to ensure our children enjoy their simple childhood as best and for as long as possible, while being taught what is really important – inner strength, respect for others (and authority), kindness, tolerance, self respect, self confidence, being happy with who you are, and striving for goals and beliefs.
      These are the key important values for our children, not whether we celebrate gays and lesbians or political agendas.
      Elsa as a character is just fine as she is.

      1. Mat

        Yes, it’s such a complicated idea that two people love each other. Most kids, as long as they aren’t raised in a bigoted household, don’t care about people loving same-sex or opposite-sex, they may question it as children are curious, and they will react the way the parents deem it appropriate to react. It’s their parents that freak out about it and desire them to be closed off and focus on simple Christian ideals.

        Being gay shouldn’t be a complicated or political matter anymore. It should just be chilled, and people shouldn’t get up in arms about a character being gay or not.

        Just let it go, let it go….

    2. Scarlet

      The thing is, the kids wouldn’t be confused- they would only have one question to ask, and that would be ‘Girls can like girls, too?’- and that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ instead of a long talk to confuse them further. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t get a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, or just be independent. It all just depends on Disney’s decision.

    3. James

      Commenter KateP posted this on another site:

      “I’ve been forced to explain homosexuality to my kids (aged 3 and 4) because their uncle is gay. This incredibly difficult and traumatic experience went as follows:

      Child: Why does Uncle Bob go everywhere with Pete?
      Me: Because they’re in love, just like Mummy and Daddy are.
      Child: Oh. Can I have a cookie?”

      If you legitimately don’t want to confuse children, maybe don’t tell them stuff about a bunny who lays eggs or an elf who spies on them or a man in a red suit who flies in a sleigh pulled by reindeer that visits every house on the planet in a single night.

    4. Claire Webb

      Here here!

  51. EricJ

    And the refusal for certain audiences to watch any Disney character unless he or she is “just like them”, the market has even now extended into books, as well–

    Those who are disappointed that they have to watch a movie they can’t personally identify with in their own lives, can now enjoy “All About Me: My Personalized Frozen Adventure with Anna & Elsa”, now available on Amazon.
    Of course, it’s a book aimed at 7-yo.’s, but… 😉

  52. Daniel

    Absolutely not. I will not nor let my kids watch that movie.

    That being said I don’t want a high level of sexuality of any sort in a children’s movie. Kids should be kids innocent and when something doesn’t fit our lifestyle we can keep it out of our house.

    A move like that would mean an end of our season passes too, Disney will lose our households business.

    1. Mat

      So, wait… you think because she might be gay she will have hot Lesbian sex on screen? What is wrong with you! This is a kids movie!

    2. Brooke

      If you act like this on a regular basis then they probably don’t want your business anyway. And I don’t get it. Did Frozen have a high level of sexuality because Anna and Hans were a couple? I must have missed all of the sex scenes…

  53. Mario B.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? That’s all I have to say about it.

  54. Mario B.

    Honestly, I don’t like the idea, but I don’t have anything against gay/lesbian relationships. The way I see it is a bold step for Disney, but of course it’s their decision. ???

  55. Steve

    If you have a problem with this, be like Elsa – LET IT GO

    1. EricJ

      Retreat into a private corner and sulk?

  56. Jacque

    If this happen that will be the end of Disney movie, please don’t confuse more the children , more that there are right now , like it someone mentioned in n one of the comment princess with prince .

    1. Scarlet

      The children will not be confused- they will only have one question, and it’s likely that’d just be ‘Girls can like girls, too?’, which can just be answered with ‘yes’.

  57. Connor

    I really don’t think it’s that important. If she has a girlfriend, who cares? If she doesn’t, who cares?

  58. Jen

    Absolutely not!

  59. Mark

    More PC BS !!

    My 20 year old Daughter is a mad Disney fan, has been all her life. She is straight has a boyfriend, but is also pro same-sex as a human right (as we are her parents).
    She is outraged by this garbage of turning Elsa into a Political Agenda. In fact she came to me only last night asking my thoughts to see if she was off track or not.

    “IF” Disney feels the need to introduce this nonsense into a family / kids film, then do so on the side by introducing another female character, say a long lost friend of Elsa’s who has a girlfriend of her own.
    Do not pollute the core of the film, and the current character, by turning her into a lesbian just for some grandeous political agenda to appease whatever group is pushing for this.

    In addition, Elsa is originally portrayed as a Strong, Capable and Individual character, not needing a love interest and very comfortable in her own skin.
    Isn’t this a much more important and valuable message ?

  60. Zen Om

    If Disney allows a character to be in a non-traditional relationship good for them and good riddance to the haters. Your kids are probably more confused by your “loving” “God” killing off humans in the bible than two people of the same biological sex in love. There is no “god’s law” just antiquated beliefs of deluded bigots. Stop using your ridiculous religion to marginalized others.

  61. latesha

    This world is going to hell in a handbasket and America will be carrying it. Everyone is so care and “open minded” not to offend the world of LGBT but what about those of us who DO believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God? I have people in my life as well as my own family who are gay but we have got to draw the line somewhere. Leave the kids out of it!!!

    1. Brooke

      IF DISNEY HAS A GAY PRINCESS THEN ALL CHILDREN WILL BECOME GAY THROUGH BRAINWASHING AND THEN HOW WILL WE SURVIVE AS A SPECIES?! A book written 2,000 years ago said it’s wrong, so what’s next? Disney princesses wearing polyester or eating shrimp? WHAT HAS THIS PC CULTURE LED US TO?! /s

  62. BRW

    Do people seriously have nothing better to do with their days that worry about whether she has a girlfriend or not? I wish I had that kind of time on my hands! Also, she is such a strong independent woman as it is that giving her a girlfriend wouldn’t suit her. Instead of worrying about whether she has a significant other (of either gender) people should think about things that actually matter such as world hunger or how cure cancer.

  63. Cee

    No…..just no.

  64. Rebekah Hesketh

    NO! Elsa should NOT have a girlfriend partner! I completely agree with Daniel, and Meliss. I would not watch this movie, nor advise any kids to watch it either. Most importantly, it goes against what God says in His Word, the Bible: in Deuteronomy it states that it’s unlawful for a man to lay with a man, or a woman with a woman. It’s plain wrong!

    1. Scarlet

      So you’re saying true love is wrong? And it’s not unlawful for a man to have multiple women(Which I’m pretty sure has happened in the Bible..)?
      Let’s all listen to a book written 2,000 years ago, shall we?

      1. Darren

        God said one man for one woman. They went ahead and had mutliple wives, concubines, etc. See all the problems in the world from it and the problems written in the Bible because of the disputes btwn their descendants? If anything it shows God is fair and lawful wishing for none to perish. He could’ve destroyed them but instead is keeping to his word in patience, letting the world hear the gospel of the kingdom and reserving judgment for a future time. Your ignorance on the word of God is self evident in your opinion

  65. Sinful

    Absolutely not. Stop poisoning our children’s minds. Secularism is now the new God.

  66. Brianna

    Showing kids that same sex relationships are natural is a wonderful thing! Time to end this bible thumping and start seeing one another as humans. Not “going to hell or not Christian ” some other bs. Good for you for at least considering it Disney ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. EricJ

      (Uh, they’re not “considering” it, the headline is that a bunch of agenda-ridden fans are NAGGING them about it. Slight difference.)

  67. Michael

    Find her a prince to be with not a princess

  68. Christian Lopez

    The majority says NO… It should be NO. I am sick of everyone having to cater to the small confused minority, only because they have a loud voice. Straight people have rights too, and it is not homophobic or sexist to do what’s morally right, and not just do what a small group of people ask. The whole LGBT movement is a plot to blur lines and accuse those that don’t agree with them of being bad people, in other words they are bullying through government to confuse kids, just because they were confused about their sexuality at one point.

    1. Allison

      Yes thank you! !!

  69. Franky

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck no!

  70. Allison

    I will not watch it nor will I let my daughter watch it if that is to happen. I have a sense of respect for people and their choices to be gay. But i do not want my daughter to think that it’s okay. She looks up to these characters and loves the songs and the story. I think it’s a horrible idea. Your putting it into the minds of children…let me make that clear CHILDREN…that it’s perfectly fine for girls to like girls. Do you know what that will do to kids in school? You are literally spreading the idea to children who dont want to be apart of that naturally..your going to have little girls touching other little girls inappropriately who do not want anythjng to do with that. You will have charges filed and girls expelled from school becaue they think that’s okay to like girls like they like think that you have to force your LGBT agenda on children??? That’s cruel and is inconsiderate of LGBT adults who want their voice heard..let children figure life out, life the original and natural way without forcing your agenda upon them!!! You people should be ashamed..this is a children’s movie.

    1. Scarlet

      Yes, because a character in a film has a girlfriend, little girls in schools will want to touch eachother.
      That makes perfect sense.
      Can you feel my sarcasm dripping out of this comment?

    2. Sydney

      Do little girls try to touch boys? No. So why would knowing that girls can like girls make it any different?

  71. Shelly

    I would not take my grandkids to see it. I believe in man/woman and my grandkids are raised the same

  72. Adam

    I think it would be a great idea. Shame on the other commenters for being so bigoted and close minded. Probably Trump voters!

  73. Lourdes

    I’m not agree,
    For children, But 13 yrs older it is fine and then the parents will be responsible to buy the movie or not,

  74. Tammy

    I think this is perfectly fine! The only children that are getting confused are the ones of parents who are making this confusing for them…there is nothing confusing about two people loving each no matter what the gender. I am straight, married with two children , a 19 year old and a 7 year old and both my children would not be confused as they both know it’s ok and normal for woman to marry woman and men to marry men …..just as it is for men to marry woman because that is what they were taught by my husband and I . So if your children are confused ….it’s your own doing …

  75. Rocco

    We would not be watching this movie in our household. There should be no relationships in the move period. It’s a cartoon meant for kids. This push for the small % of people is ridiculous.

    Lord help us!

    1. Scarlet

      This is just a pet peeve I have, but it’s not a cartoon…it’s animation. Sorry, just something that gets on my nerves a lot.

  76. Alexa Lessy

    This could probably break someones heart!!

    It’s so gross!!!!

    wake up Disney!! wake up!!!


    It’s like you don’t have respect for girls!!

    A woman is destined to a man!!!!

    1. Scarlet

      Excuse me, but being gay is ‘gross’..? Imagine if your child(if you have one)was a lesbian, or gay- would you still think it’s ‘gross’? Elsa doesn’t have to have a boyfriend, and she doesn’t have to have a girlfriend. We just have to wait and see what Disney does, whether you like it or not.

  77. Scarlet

    Hi, I’ve got nothing against your comment, and it does have a rather good point. But I’ve seen children encounter situations like these before- and they think nothing of it. They just think if someone’s in love, someone’s in love, and it doesn’t matter what gender they are- it’s love. And I believe the only question they would have would be ‘Girls can like girls, too?’- and that would be it.

  78. Angie

    I am a huge Disney fan and if Disney chooses to go this route with the new Frozen movie, it will turn me off. I cannot and will not agree or support such a immoral thing. I know Disney could care less if they loose one fan or not but they would because that would open the door for other movies and I am not for that.

  79. Scarlet

    Alright I’m just gonna put this here;
    Everyone, SHUT UP. And wait until the movie comes out, or Disney announces something. We’re all going to end up loving the movie anyway/

  80. Scarlet

    You guys do realize you’re fighting over a Twitter hashtag that probably won’t do anything to change Frozen 2 since it’s already in production and they’re writing the story or something?

  81. Debra

    OMG same sex love has been around for years and if Disney want to made Frozen Elsa’s love interest a woman get over it. Everyone else we go see it. Love is love.

  82. There’s nothing wrong with having a LGBT character in a kid’s movie; since Paranorman wasn’t afraid of doing itand this wouldn’t be a problem for Disney; IF the character(s) wasn’t a royalty. Elsa is. Therefore she is to marry a king. It it also worth pointing out that; despite what I said about royalty; Elsa is a strong independent queen, and turning her character around for Political Agendas is only going to soil reputations and the franchise’s core , not to mention that not everything is supposed to be about romances just because that character is there. And any LGBT person or can say what they want. It still won’t excuse the fact that this is going both ways down the roads, and is for some bull of a Political Agenda.

  83. Denise

    I think she should stAy a strong independent woman (queen) without anyone by her side. Not everyone needs a companion to run a country!!! That’s what we should be teaching our daughters!!!

  84. ian

    I think it’s a great decision. A new twist in disney movies

  85. Robin

    This is a terrible idea. It would ruin the movie.

  86. Madison

    HELL NO! You don’t need to be showing young innocent children that! It is so wrong!

  87. Kristin

    It amazes me how many that “preach ” the bible are some of the most hateful and judgemental people. Shouldn’t matter our skin color, our age, our sex, our religion, our sexual preference – when will people accept difference and stop using the bible as an excuse for thier own hateful behavior.
    On the actual issue here, I would love to see a powerhouse like Disney blaze the trail for further acceptance of all people, straight, gay, asexual, what have you… we all breathe the same air and feel the same sun. Even just showing a close, caring bond between 2 (unrelated) female characters, would be huge! Haven’t some of you people had a best friend? That person you did/do it all with, you’d give your arm or kidney to… heck even your heart if it would help them. They make you feel alive when you doubt yourself. They lift you when you fall. They tell you look amazing when you’ve taken forever to get ready (and mean it) and your still unsure of the dress you picked. Sometime that person becomes our partner in life. Sometimes they just stay a best friend, there when we need them. Sometimes they’re the same sex. Sometimes not. But any bond that two people share on an intimate level should not be judged as disgusting, gross, against the bible or whatever. We’re really all just trying to get through this crazy thing called life. The best art, mimics life.

  88. Linda

    Do we really want to explain sexual preference to young children who just want to watch a Disney children’s movie?!

  89. Mary Davis

    Does there have to be a “love interest” for a cartoon character? Can’t there be a plot that will excite and entertain and not insult anyone?

  90. Abbey

    I would personally love to see Elsa stay single. Who says a Queen needs a king to be happy or rule a kingdom?
    One of my favorite parts of Frozen was that the primary “love story” was the love and friendship between the sisters. That seems to be a realistic story that children can see played out in their own lives. Love your family and your friends who are like family! Life doesn’t begin when you meet Prince Charming. ?

  91. Tea

    seeing all these homophobic comments makes me both angry and very, very sad.
    kids need to know these things. they ARENT too young for it. its not sexual or “adult”, it’s love.
    im a 16 year old lesbian girl. i grew up feeling different because i felt like i HAD to like boys. but i didnt! it got to the point where i forced myself to have crushes on them so i wouldnt get bullied anymore, but it never worked. i felt so gross, and it never felt right. it wasnt until i was 10 i realized i really like girls romantically, but i was in denial for years. my own parents would say its not normal, its “natural” for girls to like boys. i felt so alone and its one of the reasons i have depression. when i was 13 i realized it was okay, im okay, being a girl and loving girls is great!
    but having to grow up thinking it was bad was a horrible experience. even though i eventually realized my romantic feelings, i still struggle with internal homophobia today, and it hurts. i wish i could have felt support sooner. and what other way then to do that than with something kids love? fictional characters! it let’s them relate to someone. it lets them know it’s okay. fiction is a big influence on children.
    i cried tears of joy when characters like ruby and sapphire in steven universe appeared, because they’re an open lesbian couple in a kids show. kids need this. dont let them feel like they dont belong. let them know that boys can like boys and girls can like girls. it will only hurt them and the children around them if you raise them thinking it’s something to look down on. children don’t deserve this. they deserve to know that it’s not sexual, it’s not wrong, princesses can love princesses too and it’s love, it’s beautiful. <3

  92. Crystal

    I swear if this happens I will cancel my dvc membership, and stop all trips to disney. And will never buy another disney movie again . You want to be gay then be gay , and if you want to be transgender then be transgender but stop forcing you life style in everyone’s face .

    1. Scarlet

      ….having a character be gay in a film will cause you to revoke everything you love about Disney because that character is forcing their sexuality upon you? A character IN A FILM is forcing their sexuality upon you. I’m done with life now. The world has no hope.

  93. Crystal

    My daughter is 7 and I will not let her watch this movie or any other disney movie if they give her a girl friend, she came home from school the other day and ask me who she was supposed to marry a boy or a girl . And to top it off the school was forced by the state to have a bring your other dad and mom to school day . And then asked me why she didn’t have another mom . And I told her because I am a single mother and I don’t need to be with anyone to be happy . And that she can marry who ever she wants . But the point is that this is not something my 7 year old should be thinking about or seeing . Again keep your life style out of my face and I will do the same.

    1. Scarlet

      I don’t think they would be shoving the life style of being gay in your face if they do end up making Elsa gay. They’ll just have a love story like any other- only difference is that it’s two women. That’s it.

  94. Keith

    Enough of the gay life style being shoved down everyone throats. No one cares if she is straight or gay. No one wants to know either. Leave her alone and STOP trying to push sex on our children. That just shows you how mislead the LGBT Q group is.

    1. Scarlet

      I’m gay, and I do agree with you- but I don’t think Disney will try to shove gay life style down our throats if Elsa ends up being gay. It’ll just be a love story like any other, except it’s just two girls. And that’s the only difference.

  95. Kc

    If Disney is going to do a gay character, they should create a new one and not use an already established character that kids identify with. So many little girls imagine themselves as these characters, love these characters, identify with these characters that introducing them as lesbian could confuse little girls greatly. By creating a new character in a new movie franchise would be a much more ethical move by Disney.

  96. Laura

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! I am so tired of the very small minority trying to make their choices the “norm”. It is not the norm. It is not how we are created. It does not reflect the MAJORITY and should not be added to anything that children watch. Frozen is a classic. It is beloved by MANY. The songs and characters are part of history and taught about self sacrificing love. Why would the makers of this film risk ruining their impact and legacy by adding this unncessasary story line to the movie. Surly they are more creative with their gifts of storytelling than that. My advice…take notice of what has happened to Target stock and earnings. We the people have had enough!

  97. I hope disney ignore that request

  98. Scarlet

    I’m just going to put this here: is there any way to disable the comments on this post? People are going insane down here and I think there should be no more of it. It’s probably causing you guys at ITM some real big notification stacks, too…just a suggestion.

  99. Abygail

    I support same sex I dosemt the fact disney will do that you.have to realize that Disney is watched by many kids and some.parents might be mad that this is happening it might provoke kids to become that because elsa is a rolemodel and somekids might think it is ok it will be ok if it was watch by adults and teens but of this happens it might bring bad publicity and well protest by very mad parents

    1. Rebekka

      You can’t become a lesbian, you’re either born same-sex attracted or you’re not.

      1. Jaime

        You can certainly become curious of it and eventually act on that curiousity though

  100. Tammy Kirk

    Please don’t do this.

  101. barana

    I do not support twisting our childrens minds.I will not allow my kids to be brainwashed to believe perversion like that is healthy .Its corrupt.No nation has prospered that accepted Homosexuality as Normal.Its corruption of the right way of Man and Woman.

    1. Adam

      Of course it’s healthy to encourage open discourse about natural things like sexuality! The Roman Empire would probably argue that they did quite OK for a long time, and they had no issue with sexuality.

  102. Laurence Owen

    Ignoring all the homophobia on this thread – I think it would be great for Disney to incorporate same-sex love/relationships into one of its stories. It would be a good example to set to the industry, and they’re master storytellers so I’m sure Disney would handle the subject sensitively. However, I don’t think Elsa would be the appropriate character for this, as one of the main messages of Frozen was that relationships shouldn’t be life’s only goal (it was nice to see Disney gently criticising its own back catalogue). I think it would be a wrong to give Elsa a relationship at all.

    1. Adam

      Nice one!

      Also I think that sexuality would take the classification from G to PG and I don’t think Disney would risk their cash cow on a PG film. No matter how you spin it, sexuality is basically about who you have sex with – and that’s an adult concept. Because every kid has a Mum and a Dad, hetero relationships are a G rated concept. If they do give Elsa a girlfriend I think Disney would have to play it like Bert and Ernie. They’re just two girls that live together.

      1. well said. I’ve never been able to articulate why hetero is G and Homo is PG. this is still not perfect, but I think it’s well stated/

        1. Adam

          Thanks Matt 🙂

  103. Kenneth Cox

    Love is love.

  104. the truth

    walt would not approve

    1. Adam

      Oaken was a gay Dad. Nobody cared!

      1. Robert

        Adam no body cared because Oaken was had a minor role in the movie. Elsa of course is not nor would not have a minor role. I don’t think her room mate would either. I think in the movie Oaken also didn’t portray that aspect of his character as a “Lifestyle” choice. I am sure if you asked most parents or kids, they wouldn’t even look at his character as being “Gay”. I know a large portion of the Disney cooperation is part of the LGBT community. If you watch many of the ABC TV shows, many have Gay / Lesbian partners in there. It is advertised as such as well. The “Frozen” franchise has not. Nor has it gotten into the politics of the world today. Which ever side of the fence you are on with this topic, you have to admit it is a hot topic between two different communities these days. Let the kids be kids. “Frozen” has done well because it crossed over different age groups because of it’s innocent message. Love me for who I am. Why not leave it at that? Isn’t that what we want for all of our children? On the other hand, as a stock holder… why change the formula that works? Leave “Frozen” the way it is. If your wanting to introduce this into a cartoon, then choose another NEW franchise from the start of it’s inception. Again… Frozen is doing well on it’s own. Let the “formula” work for itself.

        1. Adam

          I do agree with the let kids be kids thing. See my post above. I don’t agree that Walt wouldn’t approve. He was all about bringing families together.

  105. Adam

    So true!!

  106. Brandy

    This is not the appropriate movie to do this. My kids would not be allowed to see this movie if that’s the direction Disney goes in. It’s already in our face everywhere. Whatever adults want to do is their own business but to add that kind of content to a children’s movie is not ok.

    1. Scarlet

      Oaken’s gay

    2. Marina C

      It’s completely appropriate because every child will see that same sex couples are no different than different sex couples and the new generation will be the happiest of them all because no child will be suppressed into thinking they’re wrong for being a boy liking boys and vice versa. “This kind of content” you’re talking about it no different than Anna & Kristoff hugging and kissing at the end of the first film.

      So saying you’re not going to let them watch the 2nd Frozen because of a gay couple in it makes you a moron, if you let them see the first Frozen. Elsa having a girlfriend is no different than Anna having a boyfriend. Stop being so conservative.

      1. Tbd

        It’s ironic how those fighting for the rights of homosexuals are the same who are fighting against anything outside their beliefs. Not agreeing with someone else does not make that person hateful. I may not agree with a subject, but why do you assume hate? The other side is now the side pressing hate to those who don’t agree with the subject.

  107. Karinadubon

    Old post I know but indeed a heated one. Why on earth would we want to convey homosexuality in a movie meant for children? We can agree that not everyone agrees with the homosexual lifestyle. That does not make a person a homophob or racist. I cant force people to think and believe the way I do and no one should do that to me as well. We should all respect each other but at the end of the day we all have our own convictions. Why try to push this lifestyle on children?!? They are children and parents should be the ones to decide when the appropriate time to have this kind of discussion. My son is seven and he doesn’t yet understand sex or sexuality. Our kids should be able to keep their innocence for as long as they can. Simply put, these are adult matters so keep them away from children’s movies. Why does the LGBT community feel the need to prove a point or instill in people that there’s nothing wrong with their lifestyle??? Again, We can all have our different views on homosexuality and still respect one another but no need in putting this where it does not belong!

    1. Marina C

      Ma’am, I’m not sure if you realize this or not but children seeing romantic activities between straight people (Anna & Kristoff, Snow White & Prince Charming, Bo Peep & Woody) is NO DIFFERENT then them seeing a SAME SEX COUPLE.

      You’re statement of “Why try to push this lifestyle on children?!? ” is an oxymoron. If you let your children watch anything with a heterosexual couple in it, then you are “pushing” the heterosexual lifestyle onto them. Everything you just used as your argument can be used against you.

      “My son is seven and he doesn’t yet understand sex or sexuality.” I’m sorry but no, unless you keep him in a cave, i GUARANTEE he has seen sexual romance in some media outlet. Monsters Inc, Incredibles, Inside Out, any princess movie ever, UP, and even Pokemon or Legend of Kora, even video games like Mario Brothers (Peach & Mario) ALL HAVE HETEROSEXUAL ACTIVITIES IN IT. He knows sexuality ma’am if he knows boys and girls can kiss.

      “Why does the LGBT community feel the need to prove a point or instill in people that there’s nothing wrong with their lifestyle??? ” It’s because of people like you who actually look for a problem with a same sexual interest in a film while you let them watch straight couples on TV all the time.

      Just because homosexuality isn’t the “norm” on TV or in movies, doesn’t mean its bad to start putting it in films. The LGBT community is an extremely relevant part of our culture. Just because he doesn’t know what sex is doesn’t mean a child can’t be exposed to same sex couples. You’re argument is completely hollow and conservative.

      Please start to open your eyes, because if you have a negative opinion towards this idea of Elsa having a girlfriend AT ALL, sorry to tell you ma’am that is in fact a characteristic of homophobia.

    2. Marina C

      Besides, the first Frozen had a gay guy in it already and I bet you let your children watch that movie. Remember the guy who says “Big Summer Blow Out” and says hello to his family in the sauna in the back room? Yeah that was another dad with their children. So BOOM. Mic drop. You’re wrong.

  108. Diana

    I think it’d be great ti see Elsa dating another girl, since the XXIst century is all about these new changes, especially concerning gay marriage. I personally think (since here in france, everyone’s still talking about Elsa) that Elsa dating a girl would be the perfect symbol to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re dating a boy and a girl.

  109. what is the relaese date i wanna see it stat lmao

  110. Tony

    I would support any other LGBT ideas in cartoons, except this one. Someone stated earlier in history of there being Homosexual leaders in Roman times, which were male. There has never, to my knowledge, a homosexual princess or queen in real history. These figure heads facilitate what is normal in a society and would be inapropriate for there to be a princess with a same-sex partner because that never existed in history. IJS

  111. Quincy Boyd

    I think it’s a bad idea & I don’t picture Queen Elsa having a girlfriend…the person that started this nonsense doesn’t know anything about Disney characters or Frozen…, Idina made a wrong decision for agreeing it since May 22 & it might confused children for watching this….let’s keep it simple that Queen Elsa not Gay & they shouldn’t label her in the first place (no thanks to Alexis Isabel for posting that dumb tweet on April 30) I refer Queen Elsa the way she is between Frozen & Frozen Fever…that’s how I feel when cyber bullying tweet something & messed up!!!?

  112. Juanita Reznik

    Why can’t we let kids watch a kid’s movie to enjoy it. Why do adults feel they have to constantly have to interfere with kids pure enjoyment? Let them just enjoy their young lives . They will have plenty of time to deal with adult issues. Adults need to back off.

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