Dinosaur attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom going down for a two month refurbishment this summer

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The popular thrill ride Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going away for a little break this summer.

Starting in late July the attraction will be shut down for a two month refurbishment. Specifically the official Disney website says the ride will be down from July 25 to Sept. 29.

No word has been given by Disney on what kind of work the ride is getting or if any changes are happening.

Dinosaur is located in the park’s DinoLand U.S.A. area.


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    joanne torchia

    Is there going to be a list of attractions that are closed for the summer for refurbishment and are there any definite reopening dates? Will these attractions be up and running again by Sept? Thank you.

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    This is not before time, when this attraction had just opened it was one of the best rides at Walt Disney World.
    It was so sad to see during my last trip how much of this attraction was not working properly.
    Maybe some parts require an update as well ?

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    I’d love to see the ride remodeled with a Good Dinosuar theme. Spot and Arlo are great.

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      Why does everything have to be tied to a movie? I want Disney to start bringing back attractions that aren’t related to movies… Alien encounter is gone, dinosaur used to be countdown to extinction… It’s ridiculous. Haunted Mansion didn’t even get a proper movie expansion, nor did POTC need to have the same name as the ride with no point of reference to it and they decide they want to add movie characters to it. Ridiculous

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    We’re not gonna make it šŸ™

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    Now they Disney website says
    “through fall 2016.” Annoying.

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    The fact that Disney is trying to add more movie rides and taking down classics (Maelstrom into Frozen Ever After for example) is upsetting. I ever heard they might want to change TOT into Guardians of the Galaxy! How ridiculous!

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    Yup, I just today got an email from Disney that my Dinosaur FP for our party have been cancelled (November). They replaced it with Primeval Whirl.

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