Why so dark and depressing? Gatorland super fans Bubba and Cooter’s superhero encounter packs punch

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These days superheroes are in high demand and a sure fire box office cash cow.  Even Russia has punched its way into the arena with their upcoming Guardians movie (more on that here).  One issue is that a lot of these fantasy good versus evil match-ups are dark and, well, depressing . . . until now. It took an original Florida attraction to call out the darkness and shed some light(hearted) fun on the genre.

Gatorland has been a Central Florida staple long before the theme park giants claimed their stake in the attraction circus.  The reptile repository first opened in 1949 and has been a delight ever since, managing to stay relevant and thrill visitors alongside larger destinations currently on the scene.  Most recently the park opened an update to its popular zip-line (over live gators) attraction – an amazing feat for a zip line – the attraction, the “Gator Gauntlet” is now wheelchair accessible!
One of the more amusing assets to Gatorland are their ‘super fans’ Bubba and Cooter.  Featured in Gatorland’s amusing promotions the boys bring an entertaining promotional punch of mirth to the parks promotions . . . which brings us back to superheroes – witness here, Bubba  and Cooter’s encounter with a pair of super dudes in Gatorland’s latest commercial.

Gatorland is located at 14501 S Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando.  They are open daily from 10am-5pm
(visit their website or Facebook page for details)

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