What we are dealing with here is total respect . . . for a great car – The Bandit is BACK!

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Anyone who’s lived through the 1970’s remembers it, many covet it and a few shall have it.  FINALLY someone has created and released a Trans Am tribute to the legendary black TransAm Firebird driven by the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds in the Smokey and the Bandit movies.

Burt Reynolds and TransAm
Burt Reynolds and TransAm from the October 2015 Spooky Empire convention

It takes a living legend to make another – the TransAm Depot (founded by brothers Scott and Tod Womack) have teamed up with none other than the Bandit himself and have converted a limited run of 77 converted Cameros to give birth to the Trans Am SE Bandit Edition!
graphic-for-bandit-1-1 graphic-for-bandit-2-1
This modern marvel pays homage to the original 1977 classic black TransAm Firebird made famous by the classic Reynolds/Jackie Gleason “Smokey and the Bandit” films of the same era.  From the iconic gold outlined firebird emblazoned on the hood, to the removable T-top roof panels, each edition of this meticulously detailed dream drive is personally autographed by Burt Reynolds.
On the modern side, this classic tribute is essentially a reworking of the 2015 Chevrolet Camero (the surviving GM sister car to the Trans Am).  It does boast one advantage over the 38 year-old sibling: speed:  840 horses worth (vs the mere 185 horsepower of the original movie version).

A custom “Bandit” badge and retro-1978 style cockpit (the best version according to the Womack brothers) round out this stunning speedster.  Limited to only 77 vehicles and priced at $30,000 (vs $8,700 for the original), this collector car is already sold out.  The TransAm Depot does, on their site, have a virtual version of their vehicles though.

Firebird Emblam

Bandit Logo

Images and Video (and more information) TransAm Depot website

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